Violence in Videogames: Modern Warfare 2, The Latest Scapegoat

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted not too long ago that if anyone wanted a spoiler-free experience, they should opt for a total media blackout up until the launch of Modern Warfare 2, on November 10th. Headlines are already linking the scene in the video to violent acts in videogames, what they do to people and what they make people do. I wouldn't be surprised if I was hearing or reading – in the near future - about school-killings or downtown-mayhem-murders done by some guy, and the whole situation being blamed on videogames. And I'll tell you what, not only is that a load of bulls***, but it also goes to show that media these days don't seem to have anything better to report on, so why not stir things up by writing about videogame violence, again? Let alone do research on the matter.

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jhooty143457d ago

you guys should see penn and teller bullshit: video games

people know what real and whats fake very early in life or we would all still believe in santa claus.......yes hes not real :(

komp3457d ago

Unfortunately the sheep in this world will believe anything they are spoon fed from mainstream media.

Global warming, game violence and drugs are all highly misrepresented and governments rely on the fact people accept things without research. Why do you think they put Fluoride in the water?, to keep people dumbed down (google it, it is real). We have toothpaste to do the job.

A dumbed down sheep like society is easy to control and manipulate.

Movies are more realistic yet I dont see them being banned or blamed as much as video games.