The Truth About the Timeline

Fans of the Zelda series get very passionate about different aspects of their beloved games. Some people become very serious, overwhelmed, even frustrated about certain topics within the series. Many a times fans are unwilling to accept what others have to say about the series. Take, for example, the touchy topic of the Zelda chronology: the timeline.

Earlier this year Nintendo of America is alleged to have made a statement that there is no timeline. Some people responded very irrationally to this, even writing whiny articles in rebuttal. Some people couldn't accept the statement from Nintendo, but others did. Today, theorists continue to strive in a search for the one true chronology, but some people have already found the answer. To some people it has been plainly obvious, to others it was not. To many it was hard to accept, but it exists. It is the truth about the timeline.

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n4f3268d ago

i think there is a time line because there is to much coincidence
like for example (spoiler)

at the end of phantom hourglass the old transform into a whale and that the world had a lot of water
and in link awakening link kill the whale and the world is engulf in water(something like that, long time i didnt play)
so are you telling me that they decide to do it just like or just a coincidence. and there is a lot of example
people that have play most of the zelda know there is a timeline