Ninja Gaiden Sigma Versus Ninja Gaiden Black: Hi-Res Screenshot Comparison

A hi-res screenshot comparison was made between Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Ninja Gaiden Black. The article covers some of the graphical details that each game appears to be utilizing and some of the upgrades and similarities that both games share, visually.

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DJ4747d ago

because the PS3 version has significantly more detail, as well as better shader effects, etc, etc. It's hard not to notice the difference.

nice_cuppa4747d ago

im sure in motion the difference is more notisable but i got to say im not that impressed !

its not like it looks bad !
its just not that much different.
it will still be a great game.

Xbot_Killer4747d ago

someone even said the xbox pics look cleaned up, doctored, anti-aliased, all the dirty tricks microsuck is known for. and it stil pales to the PS3 version. Same thing with Gears, anyone who has played it knows it's a far cry from all the "screen shots" that get posted around the net.

Cartesian3D4747d ago

lighting ... ther is no lighting in Xbox version
ninja detiails .. there is no detial in xbox version all of the details are texture not polygons.. in ps3 version they make all of the details in 3d not on textures..
environment detail are not comparable..

cyguration4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I just don't understand why we're supposed to cheer on the Xbox 360 when the former big-black-box had games that looked as impressive as some PS3 ports.

This was certainly not the case if you compare the PSX and the SNES.
Or the N64 and the Sega Genesis. I know the PS3 is a pain to program for, but what's the excuse for the 360? It was supposed to be developer friendly. Why do so many of the games still not look impressive? Why was the original Xbox so cool and different and comparable to the PS3, but the 360 is having a hard time distinguishing itself?

M$ needs to step it up...and Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect better be excellent, otherwise I'll be pissed.

FeralPhoenix4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

"Shouldn't that mean that the 360 should be wiping the floor with the PS3 if its little brother has similar visual traits to games released within the first six months of the PS3's debut?"

-Well as I and many have already said before Team Ninja has always produced some of the most graphically impressive games on any platform. Which is why Ninja Gaiden Black still looks impressive compared to Sigma on PS3, but whats wierd is this comparison makes you dissapointed in 360 games even though its the PS3 version of NG Sigma thats in question here.

Why not wait for NG2 on the 360, before you get any further "dissapointed?" Wow, I guess things have changed since it was always the PS3 which was "supposed" to mop the floor with the 360 in the graphics dept......but hey, both consoles are OUT NOW, and reality has set in.

[Edit]^^^^^ ha, ha I just noticed you changed your comments, took out the statements about being dissapointed etc. but adding other nonsense like 360 games not being impressive and of course the PS3 gets a "pass"/excuse....the n you go on to say that LO and ME better be excellent or you'll be pissed. -lmfao, somehow I think either way "YOU" will be "pissed." -Like I said things have changed...but some things never change. -lol

THWIP4747d ago

1.) This has NOTHING to with the 360, so your comment is incredibly off topic to begin with.

2.) The fact that there's little difference between XBOX NG, and PS3 NG, is a testament to the XBOX...certainly NOT a negative for the 360. ???? If anything, it shows just how much the PS3 struggles to "impress".

Your logic (or lack thereof) is so flawed, I really don't know why I bothered to try and correct you. :o

cyguration4747d ago

Actually THWIP, think about it this way:
What PS2 game can you compare to the PS3, graphically? And actually go "Wow" the PS2 almost looks like the PS3? None. That's a testament to the upgrade the PS3 has over the PS2. If you look at the change from the Xbox to the Xbox 360, it's not quite as impressive. The screenshots showcase how the original Xbox was a breakthrough in gaming and yet it's not the same for the 360, so far.

And FeralPhoenix...I did modify the comments to be a little less rant worthy, but the gist is still the same.

"Why not wait for NG2 on the 360, before you get any further "dissapointed?"

That's the problem, why are we still waiting for good 360 games a year and a half after its release? The good 360 games seem to be coming the same time as the uber-cool PS3 games. I'm not giving the PS3 a "free pass", I'm just saying that a year ago we were still comparing Xbox games to Xbox 360 games and a year later we're still comparing Xbox games to PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Why is it taking the Xbox 360 so long to evolve past its former generation? That's what's disappointing. The PS3 has only been out for six months...but I'm sure a year from now the PS3 won't even be in the same sentence with the words "original Xbox" and "comparison".

I guess I should have stated my point a bit clearer.

Grown Folks Talk4747d ago

is a shorter margin than PS2 to PS3. let's compare with apples. PS2 graphics = 4 apples xbox = 7 apples PS3 and 360 = 10 apples. 6 apples stand out more than 3, but you end up at the same result.

THWIP4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

...and yet you managed to make yourself look EVEN MORE ignorant, by explaining yourself further.

Let me put this into layman's terms for you: The PS2 was the clear-cut LCD(Lowest Common Denominator.....weakest) platform of last-gen; in multiplatform games, the XBOX...and even GC....looked considerably better. AGAIN, that's a testament to the superior hardware of the well as a damning testimony to the disappointment of the "Emotion Engine". That games like Ninja Gaiden, DOOM 3, Riddick, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Far Cry, Half-Life 2, etc. looked almost "next-gen"....and were in NO WAY possible on the PS2 or just a feather in MS's cap. It only stands to reason that the jump in graphical fidelity from PS2 to PS3 would be more obvious, since the PS2 hardware has been outdated, and underpowered since the XBOX launched in 2001.


*edit* LOL, 'GFT'...the whole "apples" thing will only serve to confuse him more, I'm afraid. :D :p

cyguration4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

THWIP, I understood him just fine. I respect the comparison because that's sort of what I was saying all along.

It's not about whether the PS2 was the most powerful console of the last gen, or if the Xbox was the most powerful.

*Edit: It's more so that a lot of people (myself included) expected the same kind of "wow" factor from the 360 that the original Xbox had when it first debuted with Halo. It was expected of M$ to out-do what they did the first time around.

PhinneousD4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Your logic is undeniably coming from a simpleton. You should be a little bit embarrassed by your comment, I sure would be. :-/ Oh yeah, your dad peed in your mother, that makes sense.

AcidRhain4747d ago

You're making yourself look like a fool.

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Saint Sony4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

edited: .. nothing to see here ;)

anh_duong4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

i am sorry but i have played ng BLACK on the xbox (i own an xbox) and they have never ever looked anything like the pictures william usher is using... if willy usher is comparing those xbox pics with the ps3 pics then he is either smoking some serious shiite or his original xbox has been overclocked with a 8800gts graphics card and core duo processor. bad reporting. how the heck can he justify using those xbox 'screenshots'? it's bloody obvious he is only using those touched-up photo to misrepresent a point.

william usher i must admit is a massive douche bag. not only does he write stupid negative artciles about the ps3 but also silly negative articles about the xbox 360. i think the guy comes from the school of sensationlist reporting - he thrives on over reporting. read his last article about nextgen games not being nextgen if you don't believe what i mean.

william ussher == sensationalist reporter extraordinnaire

THWIP4747d ago

That's NG: Black...which had enhanced visuals over the original. :o

anh_duong4747d ago

you mean enhanced by photoshop - the version of NG: BLACK willy usher was using.

Booneral4747d ago

If you play Ninja Gaiden: Black on a standart definition TV, yeah they look nothing like those Xbox shots. But the title says it all, Hi-Res comparison.

Watkins4747d ago

Exactley what I was thinking all along .. That simply cannot be the Black version I've played

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