NVIDIA working to show Fermi at CES

Unnamed NVIDIA board partners claim that the company is trying to prepare working samples of its DirectX 11-compliant "Fermi" architecture for CES, but it may not make it. Just what is going on with Fermi, and why might NVIDIA be five months behind ATI?

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UPSLynx3363d ago

Fermi is both the most exciting thing currently in development, and the most terrifying. It has potential to be an incredible work of hardware, but it could also fail harder than anything NVIDIA's likely seen. They're putting a lot of faith in Fermi, and if it doesn't deliver, things will get really ugly.

Nihilism3362d ago

The second coming, lay your coats down damn it!

clocks, pictures, benchmarks, preferably all 3 please, but any new news is good news, all this speculation is not good for my health

champ213362d ago

dam i am eager to see how fermi performs.

with no signs of 5870x2 yet.. i might be looking at fermi as an option. A single chip always performs. while sli or crossfire fails at times due to lack of optimisations.

hoops3362d ago

In their drivers it mentions 5900 parts, so one would assume that the duak incarnation of the 5870 is coming soon...Most likely in time to put a spoiler on Nvidia's offerings.
I love this competition.

"Ready for a spell of Monday-morning speculation? Good, 'cause our sources tell us that AMD has a Radeon HD 5890 in the works.

We're told the card will be a single-GPU solution, and judging by the nomenclature, it should become AMD's quickest.

Later this week, the Sunnyvale, California-based semiconductor manufacturer will launch its first next-generation DirectX 11 graphics cards, the ATI Radeon HD 5850 and ATI Radeon HD 5870 - with the latter said to be priced at €319.99.

Speculation suggests that AMD will unleash a dual-GPU variant - the Radeon HD 5870 X2 - shortly after the launch of its 5000-series products, but a time frame for the Radeon HD 5890 remains unknown. Conjecturing somewhat, the card is likely to feature a faster-clocked RV800 GPU and we presume it'll slot in between the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5870 X2.

The news should come as no surprise considering that AMD previously usurped its Radeon HD 4870 with the faster-clocked 4890. Nonetheless, a potential Radeon HD 5890 is something to bear in mind for those planning on getting their hands on AMD's soon-to-be-fastest single-GPU solution, the Radeon HD 5870."

hoops3362d ago

You might be waiting a long time for fermi. Hopefully it's released sooner then later.

toaster3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Hahaha I found myself drooling a little over the screens showing off what Fermi can do

Makes Crysis look like a 10 year old drew it with broken crayons.

thor3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Err.. those are pre-rendered images from a short film (introduction to some conference or something), and are created from REAL photos projected onto 3D models... so yeah, they look impressive, because they are actual photos of real people. The 3D is only so they can add certain effects without needing a still motion camera or multiple cameras. Plus it's pre-rendered. So FAIL. Not that I doubt that it will be impressive.

Edit: If you don't believe me;

toaster3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Ahh thank you for correcting me. I did not know that it was taken from real photos. But still, I have no doubts that Fermi will be amazing.

RedSky3362d ago

If nothing else I can't wait to see this bring down the cost of the AMD variant, which is why I'm hoping they get it out there sooner rather than later. Whichever midrange product ends up being the best value for money is the one I'm getting.

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