Vooks: F1 2009 Wii Hands on impressions + Video

Vooks writes: "We took an F1 car around Albert Park while in Melbourne, it wasn't the real one but it was still pretty good.

While Wii content was pretty thin on the ground at eGames-apart from Ubisoft's offerings-Namco Bandai was there along with F1 2009 on the Wii, bonus F1 Steering Wheel and all. The steering wheel, which is shaped like a real F1 wheel (except the whole 'it's white' thing), works really well with the F1 brand of racing as unlike racing games like Excitebots and Mario Kart, which require sharp turns, F1 racing on Wii requires subtle left and right adjustments to steer similar to a real F1 car."

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