PSX Extreme: Fairytale Fights Review

PSX Extreme writes: "When I first read about the concept for Fairytale Fights, I was instantly reminded of American McGee's Alice, just because both are twisted, bloody, sadistic takes on the cutesy and wholesome fairytale worlds that enchanted us as children. Then, I started seeing some early footage and other media and a dark, guiltily morbid smile spread across my face when Little Red Riding Hood slashed apart woodland creatures with a giant cleaver and subsequently became spattered with gooey red blood. Heck, she was even slipping on the gore that stained the otherwise idealistic landscape. It was at this point when I became intrigued by Fairytale Fights and when I sat down to play it a few days ago, I just couldn't wait to indulge in the extraordinary contrast between happy-sappy and devilishly brutal. Unfortunately, while the atmosphere didn't entirely disappoint, I still came away very disappointed in the overall execution and as a consequence, can't possibly recommend a purchase."

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