Square Enix Fires Some People

Kotaku: It's already been announced that the severance payouts to Taito employees has drained money from parent company Square Enix. Those were the only cuts Square Enix has made post Eidos-buyout.

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Ninji3274d ago

The good news is that the people who were fired will be able to get better jobs because working for S-E is the equivalent of working at McDonalds.

MajorLs3274d ago

Coming from Ninji... I'm sure it was revealed you have a brain defect.

Must be true since the game in your avatar is designed for 2 year olds.

anh_duong3274d ago

in other news today: dolly parton sleeps on her back

HardcoreGamer3274d ago


somebody had to come up with the balls to fire the guys who thought putting rpgs on the 360 in japan would make them money?

those guys were sucking square enix dry

Grimm103274d ago


****************NEWS ALERT****************

Saaking3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

SE should fire wada. He has destroyed SE and ruined FFXIII.

MetalGearRising3274d ago

Don't worry Square Enix once Final Fantasy XIII is released on xbox360 u will have made back all the $$$ u can imagine thanks to xbox360 community who actually buy games and support developers even if the game is Multi.

dazzalfc3274d ago

....i doubt that, it isn't called Halo Fantasy XIII

And given the amount of people who have been banned or about to be ( members for a start) i highly doubt there'll be much of a community either

Maybe one day you'll actually go outside, get some air, see the real world etc etc given you seem to spend all your life on here, particularly talking crap about the every post. Its almost as if your in denial

TheBand1t3274d ago

Because sales of JRPGs sure are great on the 360.

Saaking3274d ago

75% of FFXIII's sales will come from Ps3. Stop being so delusional.

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Barragan3274d ago

theyve made some horrible business decisions this gen, and the games they have made this gen so far are almost trash, they need to step it up or give up

zerocrossing3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

so even square enix can fire people its a small world huh, i meen what the hell! this isnt gaming news whats the purpose of this article? man N4G is just scraping the barrel lately, ok to make up for this let down i'll fill you in on somthing i heard whilst watching a Hideo Kojima interveiw, apparently metal gear solid will tie up with the end of the original metal gear, so expect a solid snake vs bigg boss final fight if you'v heard this already sorry its news to me.

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