Infinity Ward On Dedicated Servers

The 2 biggest controversies surrounding Infinity Ward's highly-anticipated upcoming first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 2, are the lack of dedicated servers for PC gamers and the rumored lack of Party Chat for Xbox 360 users. With just one week away from release it's unlikely we'll see anything change before then, which has a rather large group of gamers upset. Mackey McCandlish and Ryan Lastimosa of Infinity Ward recently took part in a live chat with the community. Here's what they have to say about dedicated servers and their replacement IWnet.

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EvanVolm3272d ago

But matchmaking will make the game experience better!


Greywulf3272d ago

Its a middle finger to everyone who supported them from the PC days.

All you can do is decide on whether or not you want to personally continue supporting them.

The explanation is pathetic and almost humiliating to think that they would believe PC owners(who are generally more technical savvy) to swallow that.

Which is just pissing on an open wound.

Chrisny853272d ago

there seems to be a certain question they avoid answering.

HammockGames3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )


How about giving some real answers rather than deflecting or tossing out PR spin.

"Answers" like this - if you can even call them that - are only going to fan the flames.

HammockGames3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Sorry - double post (I hate those, my bad)

Sub4Dis3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

where's the petition? i'll sign it. not that i ever intended to spend money on ANY call of duty game in the first place, but listening to all this BS spin makes me sick to my ass.

"To our dumbass customers: We believe you are retarded. So retarded, in fact, that we will constantly repackage the same game with limited content changes and continue to increase prices. We know you will still buy anything no matter how mundane as long as it is completely overhyped so we're going to try something a little different this time. not only are we going to talk down to you and lie right to your face, but we're also going to take away dedicated servers. and you fools are still going to buy it. Thank you, and remember, all those things we just said were our best attempt at ensuring that we deliver the best possibly experience across all platforms and not at all because we want to maximize profits for a franchise that should have died 2 years ago."

mastiffchild3272d ago

Oh dear! Why don't they just tell the truth? Noone believed them the first time so spinning out more vacuous PR BS isn't going to allay anyone's fears now is it? Fact is they're entrenched in saying all this and haven't got the decency to tell us what we all know anyway!

It' adding insult to injury after injury, imo. It's a gig middle finger to all their PC based fans to follow the finger they shoowed to EU console gamers with the forced price hike "experiment" which now retailers are sucking it up is more of a fait accompli-the increase will look like it worked regardless and all future releases could go up EVERYWHERE. I know it was Acti wo instigated that but IW are complicit by their silence over the subject-and they do ALL the marketing remember so could have said it was a little tight at any point.

Then there was the video of questionable taste and NO wisdom and it all makes you wonder if , like some Z-list celeb, IW have allowed the press to go to their head. With every day that passes my choice not to buy this on any playform pleases me more-first I just felt that Acti and IW were out of line milking a territory that ALREADY pays extra for games and hardware but now they just all seem like asses.

Yes, you can make a decent game but does that really warrant behaviour so poor towards those who supported you on the way up? Not for me and I'm so glad I opted out of the sh1tfest. The greed is palpable.

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SuperM3272d ago

I know, its so annoying when they lie straight to your face like that. It shows that they think we are retarded. We would have to be retarded to believe that sh1t.

Their intentions are obviously to prevent piracy, but in reality they fu<k up the only reason people have not to pirate the game, the multiplayer. And they even raise the price of the game. With a fu<ked up multiplayer i guess ill just have to cope with a pirated singleplayer. Whats certain though is im not giving any cash whatsoever to those douchebags over at Activision. They have done nothing but dissappoint me all year.

"we want more cash" "PS3 costs to much" "Games cost to little" "we dont want brutal legend" "we dont want anyone else to have brutal legend, we sue!" "we want more money for PC games" "We want to give PC gamers less features while we are on it" "remove lan support from Starcraft2 immediately!" "what else can we do, ah remove dedicated servers from MW2, do it now slaves, DO IT!"

All quotes taken from Bobby Koticks office.

Pandamobile3272d ago

Comment I wrote in another thread that applies here:

I honestly hope Infinity Ward leave the PC platform all together.

I hate when companies lose their roots. Infinity Ward started as a bunch of disgruntled developers working for EA at 2015 on the Medal of Honor series.

Now, once awesome developers, have turned one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year into the worlds biggest letdown. IW, do you honestly expect PC gamers to use a fricking match making system? "Oh but it's better for the core players", you say. No, that's complete bullshit. A five year old could aim the mouse and join a random server in Russia and have better results than with a P2P connection. You just want control, and the only way to control the PC crowd is to completely remove every ounce of freedom we have.

We know what you're up to. In a couple of months you'll have a $10 map pack for us, and then another, and another until we've spent $100+ on this one game.

$5 says this game will be more rampantly pirated than Spore. We're not going to take your sh1t, IW. Just leave now, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

StarScream4Ever3272d ago

They sounds as if they we trying to avoid the question altogether. They know they rattle the hornet nest and just praying they won't get sting. Shame, cuz the pain of piracy is very hard to endure.

toaster3272d ago

I hope Blizzard doesn't fall into the same sh*thole that Activision is in.

The whole Activision/Blizzard deal better not make Blizzard into the "industry leading" pricks that Activision is. Blizzard has made games polished to a blinding sheen and Activision better not be bringing them down because I am really looking forward to Diablo III.

On topic:
I stopped caring about MW2` after I heard about no dedi's. IW is a monument to ignorance. They know what people want yet they want it their way so they can milk out even more money. Someone at IW doesn't get that America is in a recession, probably because they're too busy swimming in their pool of money that they got from CoD4. I don't just blame Activision or IW, I blame both. They both have the power to appease fans. If it was IW's choice for no dedi's then Activision could have stepped in and said, "hey, ZOMGWTF IW?!?!?!?" same the other way around. If Activision wanted no dedi's then someone at IW should have said "hey, we like to support our PC community because that's where we have our roots from." But no. They both decide to screw gamers, take a chunk out of our wallets for the overpriced retail game, and then milk us even more by making us purchase DLC, which i can understand for consoles, but on PC that is totally ridiculous. PC content has almost always been free, especially with shooters of this caliber.

I hope IW feels the full wrath of the PC gaming and console gaming community when launch day arrives. Oops, there goes your PC sales out the window, bye bye IW. Bye bye Activision. There are better games to play this holiday season and in 2010.

The_Denzel3272d ago

@ toaster

Too bad that Infinity Ward cares more about the console base (as PC gaming is slowly dying). Modern Warfare 2 has near 4m preorders mostly for consoles while PC only had near 200k petitions to boycott it.

It seems that Infinity Ward couldn't give a flying f*** about PC gamers and that's the end of that. It's sad, but it's smarter to just pirate the game and LAN with your friends.

likedamaster3272d ago

And I completely agree... yet, I'm still going to buy the game. Can't wait.

Unicron3272d ago

Preach it Panda. You're so right.

mastiffchild3272d ago

@Uni-aint that so! If only console based gamers could show a little unity here for their PC brethren. As it is it looks like IW will carry on regardless as the splintered nature of the gaming community allows this kind of crap to prosper.

We need to grow up-all round-if we EVER hope to get a little respect from the industry. PC gamer? Console gamer? Shouldn't matter-we should just count ourselves as gamers(as many of us game across platforms anyway I fail to see why we can't)and support our brothers and sisters when there's something rotten being pushed at us.

I've said before(and been ridiculed for it too) that there's moves afoot to curb the freedoms of PC gamers in general, there are fewer multis going to PC too where MS can turn them into 360 exclusives(Gears2 and Fable2 not coming and maybe now even the PC AW might be shelved)-and why? Piracy? IDK whether it's the problem they make out as Valve seem to do well bia steam so why not go tht way? Besides, it's not like I don't know people with chipped, modded 360s that buy virtually nothing as well.

I suspect the industry feels they'd like more of it on consoles as they know the userbase isn't as savvy OR as militant. In fact there are elements in the community that even support the industry and their manufacturer above anything despite the uniformly crappy treatment console gamers routinely get!

Bottom line? We're all getting the shaft now and if we can't get it together and at least understand gamers on different platforms then we'll remain easy pickings. I can't think of many groups of consumers who would tolerate neing lied to the way IW are doing to us. I can't think of ANY that would tolerate RROD (and even excuse it!)and I fail to grasp just why we can't sort this out and forget our petty differences when we could make things so much better for all of us if we did. Maybe if we culd identify a common enemy it would do the job, idk, but I'm really sick of gamers getting the vrappy end of the deal and doing nothing about it because of such petty differences between us.

Unite. Unite and stop being such easy targets. FFS.

dragon823272d ago

Honestly, I just don't care what they are "robbing" PC gamers of. I don't game on my PC as I can't afford to keep up with the technology to be able to play new PC games. As far as I am concerned they have not done anything to screw me over as a PS3 gamer so i will gladly buy their game and enjoy it. I am even getting the Hardened Edition. Sorry if I sound like a d-bag but that is just how I feel.

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rbluetank3272d ago

Very bad answered and unanswered questions by IW. i already made up my mind on this game.... i will have 5 days to complete it and return it to the nearest blockbuster in my city... FYI IW i really signed that online petition....

inSaneELF3272d ago

I still don't fully understand why they are avoiding dedicated servers...

Redempteur3272d ago

on the surface : they want to make the experience good for everyone

The truth : They want to make some money ...and control every inch of the game is like the other portals control ( prices ).

IW don't even support their games and they didn't want to make something different this time .. that's why it's the same engine.. that's why they even refused money from activision to make the game .. And activison knowing that it'll sell anyway is selling it at high price ...

bullaaaa3272d ago

Simple. Dedicated servers cost $$. A single server blade costs $25k. Not to mention maintaining those servers, which costs additional money. Matchmaking is p2p and negates the use of servers. Some games are a pretty good fit for p2p matchmaking (Uncharted 2) whereas others are good fit for dedi-servers (majority of online FPS on PC).

I wouldn't be surprised if Activision CEO Bobby Kottick is somehow involved in this. The guy is a greedy sleazebag.