BeefJack: Sengoku Anthology Review

BeefJack writes: "The Neo Geo was an interesting console, too expensive for many but with some incredible games that could fetch thousands of pounds now a days, it certainly represents a unique time for the industry.

Now, the system was either an arcade cabinet, or a home console, at no point was it a PC. It didn't have a keyboard and mouse setup and certainly none of the games were setup for such things. This begs the question as to why Sengoku Anthology even exists as a PC game, as the controls are functional but end up hurting your hands and just don't feel right."


* Old school beat em up action
* Ability to change into different characters at will
* Sengoku 3


* Sengoku 1
* Sengoku 2
* Terrible Main Menu
* Even Worse Controls
* Graphics are bad even for a Neo Geo game in 2009

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