BeefJack: God Of War III: Hands-On Impressions

BeefJack writes: "At this weeks Eurogamer Expo I got a chance to get hands-on with upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive God of War III, and boy, what a hands-on it was.

The demo I played was the same one Sony have been showing for several months and involves everybody's favourite Spartan Ghost, following a titan as it crashes its way through a city. There are no story spoilers as the demo barely has an opening cut scene, instead it drops you straight into the action."

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Scott6673272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

From Article: "This is a God of War game through and through and ripping evil monsters apart is the same as always, so hammer the X, Square and Triangle buttons to unleash powerful attacks while circle blocks."

...What? I'm confused as hell by this statement. My mind is imploding from the complete wrongness of this. Either the controls are COMPLETELY different from the prior games or he hasn't played a single game in the series.
Square/Triangle: Attack
X: Jump
Circle: Context Sensitive Finisher
I'm 99% sure that the above is the layout from the first two games. Did they change it?

The_Hooligan3272d ago

I was watching videos of the demo on and as soon as you start the demo it says press O for grab so the controls are the same. Unless its a different control scheme for the Europe or they may have the option to change your controls, but I wouldn't change them cause the default layout is already great. Can't wait till the 17th to get my hands on the demo with the collection edition. By the way the ultimate collection of the game looks sweet, especially the pandora's box.