REVIEW: Hitachi 1 Tera-Byte (1,000 GB) Hard Drive

If you're looking for the best of the best in consumer hard drives, you've found it. This drive can store 250,000 songs, 350 movies, 1000 hrs of video, 333,300 photos, or more than 500 full version games!

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RH064580d ago

I wish that was not a deskstar and it was more a long the lines of a notebook drive so I could put it in my PS3!

Arkham4580d ago

If you don't mind an external powersupply for the drive, while still having the drive internal to the PS3, you can use that HD adaptor hack that's due out (out now??).

GJJ4580d ago

Worst hard drives ever. IBM messed them up.

That name should be stricken from History.

Has Hitachi made the brand better?

CompGeek4580d ago

Woohoo, deathstar for the win.

ben hates you4580d ago

gateway computers allow you to purchase 1.5 terabytes for hardrive, 7200rpm

gta_cb4579d ago

wow, do you have a link so i could have a look?