Nintendo Life: Sparkle Snapshots Review

Nintendo Life writes: "In 1995, Atlus joined with Sega to create the very first Print Club machine in Japan. Print Club was a special kind of photo booth with the ability for users to add decorative borders, graffiti, backgrounds, and clip-art 'stamps' to their images, which were printed out in sticker form and could then be traded amongst friends, slapped onto folders, or given to one's sweetheart. They became very popular with girls, who mobbed the machines along with all their friends, and as more of these decorative photo-sticker booths popped up in arcades across Japan, they soon fell all together under the umbrella term of 'purikura'. As camera technology has improved and become easier to use in the form of digital cameras and cell phones, purikura machines have gradually become less popular in arcades. With the cost of producing new machines as high as ever, Atlus announced back in March that they would no longer be producing arcade purikura machines. Instead, they've joined with Nintendo to bring purikura to DSiWare via Sparkle Snapshots."

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