Digital Chumps - GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

Digital Chumps:

Critics of GTA IV argued that it was too firmly grounded in reality, a label which came at the cost of less outrageous missions. Gay Tony opts out of that restriction, featuring a wealth of insane stuff for you to do. Helicopters, parachutes, bodies falling out of the sky, whatever; Gay Tony throws GTA into overdrive and is perfectly comfortable with leaving it there for the whole ride. Unsurprisingly, the story does well to deliver outrageous personalities that never fail to entertain and, for once, presents a gay character who's more complex than his latent sexual preference. In the end, The Ballad of Gay Tony serves as a cork popping celebration for Grand Theft Auto IV, and I couldn't think of a better send off.

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chrisulloa3269d ago

This game is getting such great reviews. I never picked up TLotD so I'm going to try to pick up Liberty City Stories.