Digital Chumps - Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City Review

Digital Chumps:

Both games also do well to overlap and intersect with Niko's storyline. You'll run into a lot of the same characters and, in the case of Johnny, even go out with Niko on a few missions. The big tie in, of course, goes with the failed diamond heist at the museum. The puzzles pieces are complete at the end of Gay Tony, and you'll finally see who wound up with the $2,000,000 loot. While it may come at the cost of a fresh narrative, I really liked how all the stories wound together. It gave credence to Liberty City's billing as the worst place in American, with a host of different characters running schemes all over the place. When the grand narrative is presented in a mashed up faction, it really makes me curious as to where Rockstar could go with the next true iteration of the franchise. Multiple playable characters could boost Grand Theft Auto's pacing, and piecing the story together like Pulp Fiction could do wonders for the plot. In any case, it appears Gay Tony is the curtain call to Liberty City - so we'll have to wait and see.

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