No Dpad - NBA Live Review: It's A Shoot And A Miss

No Dpad:

EA Mobile has been rocking it up with the releases including Command and Conquer: Red Alert and Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod Touch. When the first screens and news of NBA Live appeared, I was excited and overjoyed, but I still kept my expectations in check. A basketball game on the iPhone is really not a genre that's filled, and most of the basketball games that are on the App Store are pretty bad.

That's where NBA Live falls in. But no, I'm not talking about the "good basketball games" category, I'm talking about the bad. Usually, Electronic Arts does a great job with providing the gamer with an adequate AI, while giving up some of the graphics to make room for it. In this basketball game, the AI is ultimately retarded , for lack of a better word, and even with my five year old basketball skills, I swoosh by the AI like there's no tomorrow.

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