God Is A Geek: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Before you start reading I would just like to state that this is a review of the single player campaign and it will be spoiler free, so you can read on with confidence that your experience of the game will not be ruined.

(Posted by Asim Tanvir)

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Anorexorcist3271d ago

Has anyone like me already made full preparations for a Modern Warfare 2-intensive day and already called in sick for next tuesday and cut off all ties with siblings?

paul03883271d ago

I'm sure MW2 is good, no, spectacular! It's multiplayer will be the real award winner, but when it comes to GOTY, single player usually wins out, and I'm afraid MW2 is no Uncharted 2 in that category.

Those 2 games represent the very best the industry has to offer.

Best multiplayer (ever) award goes to: Modern Warfare 2

But in the end, GOTY goes to: Uncharted 2

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Sitris3272d ago

Its like a week away from release, aren't Activision confident about this game or something? The embargo must be up soon, but so is the games release date, guess they have no belief in the game then haha

Can't wait for the game though lol

PSN ID: Sitris

swiftshot933271d ago

Well we already know its AAA, still I also just want to read on HOW awesome it is.

Cant wait for this and AC2.

LordMarius3271d ago

expect this review to be taken down momentarily

Sitris3271d ago

Yeah, i have had mine preordered for many months so i am certain it will be good haha i only preordered games i know will be good, CoDMW2 is definately one of those titles, still would like more facts via reviews on how good the story is. I personal thought the firsts story was one of the stronger features :)

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theEnemy3271d ago

I'm still wondering where are the reviews..

IGN? Gamespot? Eurogamer? 1UP? OPM? OXM ?

mugoldeneagle033271d ago

Most of the Dragon Age reviews didn't drop until yesterday (3rd) on the games release, I'm sure we'll see most MW2 reviews by the bigger sites sometime later this week. My guess would be Thursday/Friday before the weekend.

Beast_Master3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Where are the reviews? The publisher has specified an embargo of when the reviews can be released. The first offical review will be posted by the highest bidder. Activision always withholds the review scores Prototype, UA2, Gutar Hero 5, and Wolverine,

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ReviewsArePolitics3271d ago

Activision will buy the reviewers

Sitris3271d ago

Opinions are like A**holes, everyone has one and they're full of S**T

I for one think it will be great :)

PSN ID: Sitris

LordMarius3271d ago

I expect IGNorant to give it a 9.5+ and call it the best thing ever since slice bread, the bots will laugh it up and call KZ2 and U2 a flop, even though we have the option to play it as well.

Sitris3271d ago

Me and the 10s of millions of gamers that get it and enjoy it will totally regret our desisions of getting if Activision payed a website to review the game lol
Your trying to convince me the game will be bad is your choice, but i don't see any hard facts. I see the engine graphically is the same, but there is alot more going on in the game, the co-op adition sounds great, so show definative proof of the game being 'Bad'.

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LordMarius3271d ago

Oh Im buying the game as well because I didnt bought Modern Warfare so it wont be more of the same for me, but I at least hope the reviews are accurate and are not driven by hype or $$$$

Sitris3271d ago

No disrespect guys, opinions are everyones choices, if you don't like it don't get it. MW2 looks great, as i loved the first. It reminds me alot of Halo, the first was great, the second made a few changes and 3 did almost nothing different. But we all know how the game sales and people playing it turned out :) I would imagine MW3 (or whatever it turns out to be) will probably be the same problem as Halo 3, more of the same, but still good haha

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ia_studio3271d ago

This is what this game is for me

lindquist3271d ago

I has a tits and even this gams cannot play with em.

If you buy this game then all of a sudden the tiny parrot will sing its last song before swimming into the endless sea of its. How many of it can you has? I say perhaps 10 millions will buy it. But even lol that you know the parrot in here!!!! LOL.

JeffGUNZ3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Enough. Jesus, I am so tired of PS3 fanboys. This game is multi-plat, what makes you think ONLY 360 fans will enjoy this game? I know tons of PS3 users just as pumped for this game. You look incredibly insecure to say you never bought the first one and experienced it like others who have, but you believe that this reviewer is full of lies and other reviewers will lie or be influenced to lie. It looks like you're paranoid and scared that this game is going to be outstanding and take the limelight from any other games out or about to be released. I only see PS3 fanboys on this site bashing this game. Jesus Christ; grow up and enjoy the game. This game is going to be epic, don't go into it with fanboy goggles on.

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StrikerZ3ro1123271d ago

I find it Kind of strange in the last paragraph that the reviewer says "The closest to perfection a FPS can get". If thats the case than wouldn't it get a perfect 10? If an FPS can never achieve "perfection" then why is there even a 10 on the scale?

ReservoirDog3163271d ago

Well, he does say it isn't really much of a leap from CoD4. So maybe that's why.

theEnemy3271d ago

he did say "closest to perfection" not "perfect".

Hence, the 9/10.

bnaked3271d ago

MW2 needs the mojo! For a 10, you must create a unique game, which defines the genre.. Like Half Life 2..

TooTall193271d ago

It is supposed to be like the original, but improves the formula. If they wanted something that's a whole new experience IW would have made a new IP.

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Sitris3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Can't wait for this game, it will be great :)

PSN ID: Sitris

XiaoSet3271d ago

Bob Saget and Steve Ballmer did the whoopie on Brutal Legend and wifes chests.

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