OXCGNs Dual Borderlands Review Debate

OXCGN writes: "OXCGN does new things all the time, and with Borderlands we're doing a dual review discussion between two of the top reviewers on the site. There will be a special Borderlands Co-Op review a little later, once the team have given the game a solid workout, but here's the guys with their views on Gearbox's new IP, Borderlands."

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gaminoz3272d ago

Nice to see reviews being done differently- getting a discussion going. I wonder who got to decide the score!

XboxOZ3603271d ago

I personally like these sorts of reviews, as it pits two (or more) individuals thoughts together, and come up with areas of understanding they may well have missed or even misintrupted in the story etc.

Makes much more sense to me that one persons view that may well be blinked or biased to a particular genre or style of gameplay.