News4Gamers Radio 05/28/2007

This week the crew discusses the latest PS3 firmware update, the greatness that is Odin Sphere and we count down the top ten games likely to be overlooked in 2007.

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nice_cuppa4747d ago

i agree theres no games but come on...

we all know this so leave it alone.

instead of dissing ps3 how about just talk 360 or wii.

as it goes...."nothing good to say then say nothing at all"

THAMMER14747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

The problem is there is allot to diss. Sony fans make it even worse by quoting Ken K. and constantly slamming the 360 for no good reason. The 360 has differnet problems than the PS3 a few of them have died. The PS3 has bigger issues all together. Price game selection, under performance, gimmicky joystick, no rumble, game delays, poor frame rates, a few of them have died. yada yada yada.

I think we should keep calling a spade a spade. If Sony thinks every one is happy they will not change anything. Could you imagine the PS3 if no one complained or even voiced there opinion. WOW