SCEA Patent Shows Plans For Mystery Science Theater 3000 Style Interactive TV

"Sony Computer Entertainment America may bigger plans for the PlayStation 3 as a video player. They recently filed a patent that mixes Netflix Party on Xbox Live and Mystery Science Theater 3000. The document actually mentions Mystery Science Theater 3000 as inspiration for the invention in the background section."

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saint_john_paul_ii3458d ago

if this gets integrated into Home, then...woah...

Shadow Flare3458d ago

If mystery science theatre is the thing im thinking of, it was hella funny. I think it was those puppets that made funny of budget movies. Puma man!

OnionKnight3458d ago

Would be sweet for home + free videos

itchy183458d ago

if this gets implemented

Schobeleth3458d ago

I'm really surprised, if they actually do this I would watch movies way too much, moreso than I already do now. This looks+sounds so awesome!

mugoldeneagle033458d ago

Because they read the title and think "Awesome, we'll be able to watch movies and criticize how bad they are with out friends in Home!" and then read the actual article where all it does is talk about mini games and interaction with the movie, which isn't as cool.

I mean I'll take whatever feature they add, I'd just rather they implement a movie watching in Home first, then make mini games optional. Its a feature Home needs and already should have.

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The story is too old to be commented.