VGChartz: Eurogamer Expo 09 - Heavy Rain Hands On Impressions

VGChartz writes: "Heavy Rain was a completely unique experience to me this weekend. I haven't played Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) so I was completely new to the Quantic Dream gaming experience. And what an experience it turned out to be."

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Wakka_3271d ago

Its like watching a movie, ya?

SiteNblog Defender3271d ago

Are the character designs based on real actors? That guy reminds me of someone.

3270d ago
goromei3270d ago

Yes, all the characters in the game are modeled after the actor who portrays them. The four lead characters are played by the following actors :

Madison Paige : Jacqui Ainsley
Norman Jayden : Leon Ockenden
Ethan Mars : Pascal Langdale
Scott Shelby : Sam Douglas

bmw693270d ago

This game is truly amazing - the mad jack demo is the first time in a game i've ever truly felt my heart pounding...