Iwata on Japanses sales: "Wii cannot be defined as healthy"

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has said that in Japan, the Wii situation "cannot be defined as healthy" because it hits the "below 50k unit sales" mark each week, despite the price cut and the 100k sales spike over the summer.

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Narutone663458d ago

But they've made huge profit compared to MS and Sony. So, why not invest all those profit into making/developing games for the core gamers or even a next iteration of Wii in HD.

Maddens Raiders3457d ago

if only there were some big major IP to pick them up this Christmas like Mario & Yoshi's Polka-Dot Party Island vs. Wario Kart Madness 21. I'm sure the kids would die for it.

Chris3993457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Primarily due to the longevity of it's tech. So it's difficult to see who's business model is "better".

All signs point to the Nintendo Hp-upgrading the Wii or releasing a new system altogether next fiscal year. I think Patcher was actually right for once.

Edit: I do appreciate their candor on the matter though. It would be nice to see executives from other camps, MS for example, show some humility when dealing with the media (as opposed to: "We'll be beating so and so soon enough, just watch!" kinda prattle).

ChickeyCantor3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

"Wario Kart Madness 21"

This would have made sense if wario actually had a "Wario kart" game =P.

Other than that you would still enjoy the mario games Madden, =D.
There is also a kid in you!!! ( at least i hope. lol)

ActionBastard3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Nintendo never expected the initial response to the Wii and really seem to still not get it (when you look at their, Nintendo's titles it's a different picture). It is apparent, only 1st party titles "Mario" or "Wii" titles games will sell. And sell well. But the novelty has worn off. Now we find Wii gamers wanting Uncharted 2 experiences or ODST and can only play Mario Kart or SM Galaxy. Titles that TRY to bring PS3/360-like experiences get utterly ignored : Mad World, Zak and Wiki and Dead Space Extraction (to name a few). They've made their choice and while it took 3yrs, it seems as though they can't sustain the sells they used to. Fad comes to mind.

Seferoth753457d ago

Action bas, You are a great example of whats wrong with this site... Only mario sales on Wii? Guitar hero sales better on Wii, as does Tiger Woods, Rock band, Shaun White snow boarding, etc. You really don't have a clue at all about Wii software sales do you?

Secondly Madworld, Dead Space, and Zack and Wiki are not PS3/360 experiences, just claiming they are shows how little you know. please show me the 5 hour black and white brawlers on Ps3 or 360? And for Dead speace please show me all the on rails shooters on Ps3 and 360... Zack and wiki is just too easy. you must not have ever played the game at all because there is nothing on Ps3 or 360 like it. hell there isnt anything on PS3 or 360 like ANY of those games you mention. maybe you should actually play them first?

BTW you must not be very bright at all. Wii sales are still above 360 and Ps3 sales every month. In japan they are only 5k behind PS3... So in your rush to say those are poor sales you just said PS3 was a fad and the fad was over... After all PS3 isnt really pulling ahead of Wii by that much and 360 is figting with the Ps2 for 3k a week in sales.

Before you even bother posting again. So get some kind of clue what you are talking about. the only people who are going to listten to you with that load of made up BS are just as clueless as you are...

Wii gamers are not Sony gamers and you cannot change their opinion by simply making stuff up

ActionBastard3457d ago

The problem is, you named 4 games. 4! GH (which sells across ALL platforms, same for RB and no one gave a sh1t about Shaun White. It's funny you even mention it.) Seeing as I have a Wii, have played more games in a month than you do all year, I'll say what I like. Wii hardware outselling in the States means d1ck when nothing but Nintendo software sells. That black and white brawler was great, shame only 66K of the 48 million Wii owners bought it. DSE? Great, great game with a story worth checking out if you're a Dead Space fan....and yet 9k sold. Spare me your misguided, VGChartz sales analysis. Instead, STFU and get some more bubbles. Mkay?

thedisagreefairy3457d ago

there is a dead space:extraction experience on ps3/360

its called dead space and its way better than the light gun spin off.

and the zack and wiki game experience is on ps3/360 also... its called ratchet and clank and banjo & kazooie. wii has some good games but dont say the wii games offer experiences that the other consoles have unless its wii sports or wii fit.

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champ213457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

we need WII HD iwata.

give us something based on a 4000series based ati gpu or a gt200 based nvidia gpu.

then we'd truely have a hd console.

that could trigger another graphics leap, with PC and WII HD being able to handle those games.

Nihilism3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

*raises right hand*

wii HD is all i could ever dream of.....i may game on pc less if nintendo comes out swinging...but once you go black, you never go back.....i mean pc gaming...

beavis4play3457d ago

i'd love to hear iwata describe gamecube sales (when it first came out).

thereapersson3457d ago

Nintendo kind of brought it on themselves. Whatever happened to "It Prints MONEY!!!!"? Suddenly the wave of sales has come crashing to a halt, and nobody knows when it will pick back up again.

kingboy3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

That's karma for you ain't it a b*tch,not a smart nor healthy business move putting all your eggs in one basket failing to acknowledge the risk being involve in the long run Nintendo.

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