Too Old for Games - Time to Walk Away?

Masterpinky2000: This is old news by now, but I was shocked when I saw that article claiming that the average gamer was "35, fat and bummed." Who doesn't remember this guy from the famed South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft"?

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Saaking3275d ago

You're never too old to be playing video games. I'll be playing till the day i die.

Anon19743274d ago

You think older directors don't watch and enjoy movies, they just make em? Do you outgrow an appreciation of art or music?

If grandma is encouraged to pick up a Wii and play Mario Shuffleboard, or Let's Nap!, why the hell should anyone be expected to "outgrow" this fantastic medium.

ReservoirDog3163274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I'm just worried about carpal tunnel and arthritis and stuff like that.

Haha, then natal would be the only option huh? Unless they do mind controlled controllers by then. That'd be cool.

presto7173274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

'Nuff said.

EDIT. I just wanted to say that this guy's blog is a really good one, far better than the nonsense we see on many "gaming" websites with paid "journalists.
Kudos to masterpinky2000

Timesplitter143274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I think being a child at heart is always a good thing, no matter how old you are.

It keeps you from becoming a depressed old man who does nothing but watching the stock market all day

Darkstorn3274d ago

Yeah. As long as you exercise as much as you game, you should continue to do it for the rest of your life. I know I will (though I am concerned about carpal tunnel, it's already starting to take its toll)...

cyborg69713274d ago

I'll be 35 in 6 months married with 2 kids. And I can't wait till they get big enough to game with me. I have a feeling I've got a couple of frag dolls in the making. Bottom line if I had the ability to evolve with the gaming scene and have it grow up with me then there is no way to out grow it. Game on gamers.

mikeslemonade3274d ago

I'm 22 and am having a slight case of carpal tunnel, but all I have to do is eat my glucosamine and then i'm good.

RememberThe3573274d ago

*Gamer = Entirely too much blissful time playing videogames.
As you grow older you gain more responsibility which mean more time needed for other things.

But it's like darkride said, this is not just a child's toy anymore. This medium is on the road to becoming the dominant entertainment medium. Videogames have just now reached their adolescence, there is still so much to learn. Just look at music, it has been around since the dawn of man and it is still evolving and growing.

We'll be gaming forever. I am confident that everyone of us wants to see how videogames are going to grow over the years, and we're not going to stop just because we've gotten older. What do you think we're going to be doing with all that retirement time? Playing our Playstation 6 and Xbox [big ass number], thats what.

mastiffchild3274d ago

People forget quickly don't they? The first games I played weren't even aimed at kids and that was back in the late 70's in my mum and dad's pub-even back then it was obvious adults liked gaming-and now with so much choice why would anyone want to stop while they still enjoy it?

I'm 36 now and game with my kids, missus, mates and on my own. As I can't play sports any longer gaming has actually become more important to me lately and I don't see why I should stop-who am I hurting? Plus, some of the guys at Dad's Army are sh1t hot and go a long way to proving we oldies aren't always as crap as I sometimes make us look!

JoySticksFTW3274d ago

I'm an over 30's gamer (started with the arcades and Atari 2600) and I have had to intentionally game differently as I get older.

Way back in the day, I could "game freely" meaning that as long as I had the money to game, I could just play whatever fun title comes along whenever and for how long I wanted.

But as I get older, the problem that I have isn't money. It's time. I have to balance -
- my career
- time with my wife
- taking care of parents (yep, they're aging too and will need you)
- keeping the house in shape (repairs, yard work, shoveling snow, etc...)

I've had to make some adjustments...

- no more mmorpg's! And I love these. From EQ, to FFXI, to LotRO... I always start one but find that I can't make the time commitment to continue. You need to grind hardcore in some of those mmorpg's to get to higher levels, and waiting 1-2hrs for a group in FFXI was not a good use of time. Hope FFXIV can eliminate the time-sink.

- I have to save story driven rpg's like ME or the FF's for vacations, which is about the only lengthy alone time that I'll get

- WHERE I game is a consideration. I've had to get expensive-arse gaming laptops every couple of years instead of cheaper, more powerful desktop computers, just so I can game on the couch or bed next to my girl while she watches tv or reads. Just so that she feels that we spend time together, and I'm not spending it in another room upstairs all of the time.

- No Guitar Hero type games! Due to my addictive personality, I've have to miss out on this craze. I know I said that money isn't a huge issue but I'd go f'n broke trying to buy up all of those songs. And DJ Hero just came out?! Man... it's calling to me, but I can't do it

- I can't play games like Dead Rising and Demon's Souls when there are little kids over. We were babysitting my little nephew who's not even two yet, and he happened to look up at the screen just as I was using the Meat Cleaver to cut down three red eyes knights in Demon's Souls, and the kid yelped "Ouch!". Smart kid. Out pops DS and in goes the f'n Chicken Little Blu-ray. *sigh* That movie sucks!

But honestly, the "sacrifices" are minimal. There's nothing wrong with gaming 'til you die, as long as you remember to put your responsibilities and your loved ones first.

Maddens Raiders3274d ago

I'm in my thirties & I guess I'm lucky or just work really hard. I'm no youngster & buy what games when I want, play them when I want, where I want, for as long as I want. Now, since I have a bachelor's lifestyle (+ no kids), a country estate, and plenty of discretionary funds, it allows me to game with as many different single ladies (& milfs) (and watch some great Blu-ray flicks) with almost as much variety as there are PS3 games!

One thing is for sure now though; I won't stop video gaming until we run out of electricity & you can bury me duel wielding Dualshocks. You hear that N4G!

sikbeta3274d ago

"the average gamer was "35, fat and bummed"

Man, I want to play games until the end, but no that way XP

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HypnoticMonkey3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I'm 21 and sometimes I feel a bit..meh if I'm playing online with 13/14 year olds but I'm never going to stop gaming.

-Mezzo-3275d ago

i feel exactly the same sometimes as i am 21 as well, but there is no way, no way what so ever that i would leave games,


sirbigam3274d ago

Hope ya get back on yur feet brother, and God Speed lad!

cyborg69713274d ago

Keep your head up bud. Your never alone.

commodore643274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

@ #3

Dude, that's such a shame.
Did your wife take all your money in alimony?

Just remember you can still enjoy gaming even while your budget is limited. I am relatively poor and have been playing starcraft and it's still awesome fun!

Having little money merely means you really need to buy the best value games, not the latest and greatest, imo.

Don't let the fact you got divorced ruin the great fun of gming.

mastiffchild3274d ago

Yeah fella. I fel;t the same when my illnesses meant I couldn't work properly anymore but stick in there and you'll find that there's ways and means to find the resources to get along. Besides at a time like this you could prolly do with a little escapism.

If you can manage to keep youself online there's plenty that 90% of modern PCs will allow you to play for peanuts-seriously you don't, unless this women's leaving you without a pot to pee in, have to just sack the gaming as there's a million cheaper ways to get back in mate.

Head up and good luck-whatever you decide you'll do next.

PoisonedTea3274d ago

Chin up, mate. I know how you feel. I was barely past 25 when I went through a bitter, expensive divorce. Coupled with the fact I had an illness, things were really bad. Had I not had GTA4 at hand last year, the whole sorry episode would've been 10 times worse. There are some great titles released on the PC, especially now since Christmas is coming up even those cheaper PC titles might be discounted even more.

Lesson? Never get married early - or at all.

sikbeta3274d ago

Time to stand up man, I want to see you in the Gaming Crew again

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FinalFantasyFanatic3274d ago

Although I don't have the time to play as often because of work and money constraints.

alphakennybody3274d ago

Bah... never to old to play games

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