The Wii has stalled? More like they hit a wall

Jerell_rast: I saw this as soon as their 2009 E3 conference was over. Same recycled IP's from their first 3 years. Two Mario games, another Metroid game and ANOTHER Zelda game. It's hard for me, who grew up with the NES, to have to sit and watch this great company's games get watered down to a bunch to Wii musics, Wii fits get thrown at us along with tons of other uninteresting games.

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Chris3993460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

The Wii.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the device - it doesn't cater to my tastes (though I have one), but I find the capriciousness of the American media hilarious!

Yesterday it was the PS3. In a couple of months, if Natal doesn't fly off the shelves, it'll be the 360.

Anything for hits.

P.S. This article isn't even written by Gamespot, far as I can tell - just a blogger. Still, expect to see "news" like this if the Wii sales continue to slide.

Saaking3460d ago

The wii and 360 are a thing of the past. It's all about PS3 now.

Goomba123460d ago

Sweet now forum members of Gamespot can post opinion pieces?

n4f3460d ago

is it bashing a systeme? yes
than according to fanboy, this is new.
now fanboy have a degree in video game and finance and all that so

3460d ago
ape0073459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

ps3 and 360 rocks

wii has some very very good\few nintendo exclusives but on a full console scale,I believe it sucks

beavis4play3459d ago

since the classic SNES days, nintendo has really been a disappointment for me. back in those great days, nintendo put out so many different and interesting titles........then came the N64 and it's been downhill ever since.

SL1M DADDY3459d ago

With crap games coming out for it all the time? Heck, event he PS2 had some good games once and a while but the Wii was nothing but a shovelware treasure trove. You can't maintain a high rate of sales for a game machine if the games that come out are all crap. Sorry Ninty, you need to rethink your third party strategy.

Goomba123459d ago

Nintendo just needs to come out with different software. A Starfox and Pikmin sounds way more interesting to me than Galaxy 2 and another Metroid which I got less than 2 and a half years ago.

Nintendo has slipped every since Mario Kart, Fit and Brawl were released.

sikbeta3459d ago

"is it bashing a systeme? yes
than according to fanboy, this is new"

And now you are so sensitive? The same thing was done 3 consecutive years before with PS3 and now it can't do it to another console, before this gen my 2nd choice was N, but now no thanks, I prefer to read an article bashing x360 all the way, because It deserves being the crappy console without variety and the worst console ever made, but N what is doing aside of counting money, make another mario, ok, make another zelda, ok, make another metrid, ok, make another wii sport, F*cK NO!!!, and after release those games, what they going to do, another Super Smash Bros, Brawl 2? and after that what mario's time machine 2/3 and mario Cook?


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Saaking3460d ago

MS has failed yet again.

Shaka2K63459d ago

xbox consoles
hd dvd.
xbox live
internet explorer
windows vista
Microsoft Sync
DirectX 11
golden eye

Yeah seems to me everything microsoft touches always fails so you are right.

bigrudowsky3460d ago

what did the wii stop selling completely cause from what i hear it still sells hundreds of thousands every month. Oh i think they mean its starting to sell like the xbox or ps3.

crck3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Its selling to small children and women as a interactive exercise tape or instructional video. But hey if your in that demographic then that's great for you. You'll have a steady stream of licensed crapware like Food Network: Cook or be Cooked, Dora The Explorer, The Biggest Loser and Disney Princesses. But for most people visiting this site the Wii is pretty much dead as a system for "traditional" video games.

Maddens Raiders3459d ago

hundreds of thousands every week (like you say) to hospitals, hospices, day cares and therapy clinics every week? Once those fall off, your left with soccer moms, little boys and girls with sticky fingers, uber health nuts, and a few Ninty DIEHARDS.

Do the math -- nevermind.... Iwata already is. How does that song go..?

Oh yeah.....

MegaPowa3460d ago

when they thought this was a good idea for an article

gintoki7773460d ago

well you can only sell so many

they have sold so many its amazing and so have games like wii fit if u wana call that a fun game 0.0

but still thats kinda what nintendo gets once you have sold so many people get sick of it i guess

Maddens Raiders3459d ago

a field of mud, with even more wet, clumpy mud.

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