Associatedcontent Review: DJ Hero - Could This Be the Best Music Game Ever?

Associatedcontent: Music games have become a standard cash cow for developers for years now, developers were making dance pads for them; hand recognition cameras for them (for a game called ParaParaParadise) and even mics to sing with, so when Guitar Hero came onto the scene there was a sense of fresh air

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blackpanther253269d ago

it has the best track list ever

Dellis3269d ago

Rock Band Beatles is the best music game ever

this is a flop, look at the debut it had in the UK

wait until you see the numbers in the NPDs, activision failed

by not releasing this when their GH buzz was strong.

Myst3269d ago

Looks like something I would have gotten, being that I did DJ a looong time ago; but didn't see any Armin, Tiesto, Ferry, Thrillseekers or something ( I guess the latter two aren't as big ). So more than likely I may pass, or just try out a demo somewhere and see what I think about it.

Track listing seems okay, but some of the artists I really don't know at all.