Games That Time Forgot: Spider-Man

There have been plenty of Spider-Man games since Neversoft's 2000 release. Most of them resemble Neversoft's 2000 release.

It's easy to see why. This was Spider-Man's version of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first game to really capture the abilities and atmosphere that make him an interesting character.

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Qazdaz3275d ago

I so so regret selling this gem. Without a doubt my favorite PS1 game.

Grey Fox 923275d ago

I really LOVED this game... so much memories about it! The best superhero game, in my opinion.

gumgum993275d ago

This was a really awesome game at the time. It was the first game where I really felt like spider-man. My personal favorite part was the levels where you were on the run from the police. So awesome because you were Spider-man, but running from the law! >.< Oh, and don't forget the endless amounts of awesome costumes to unlock as well ^_^