Finger Gaming Review: Golvellius – The Valley of Doom

Finger Gaming writes: "I have mixed feelings about emulating classic games on the iPhone. On the plus side, some of my favorite games from the past are finding a new audience in the App Store. On the other hand, the emulation quality of many retro releases has been less than impressive. The lack of a physical controller often makes the classics less fun, and and worst, renders them unplayable.

The bad news is that DotEmu's iPhone version of the Sega Master System action-RPG Golvellius: The Valley of Doom suffers from many of the problems that plagued other App Store retro revivals. In all, though, I was surprised at how much of the original experience still shines on the platform.

Golvellius is, at its core, a stripped-down take on The Legend of Zelda's exploration-based gameplay. Players will spend much of the game wandering around an overhead-view world map, which consists of a series of single-screen areas."

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