World of Warcraft: Is class balancing an impossible dream?

Gamer Limit writes "The state of balance between classes in World of Warcraft is something I have always pondered on. Finding constructive and concise arguments, with suggestions on improving its state, are an extreme rarity."

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GrahameG3274d ago

there will always be that one class with that can be abused. With so much content it's extremely difficult to balance without constant tweaking and nerfing (which can be good AND bad).

Just lucky I don't play any MMOs.

presto7173274d ago

Look at starcraft. Blizzard makes so much noise on how balanced the races are, but those freaking terrans are overpowered as hell. Nuke, scan, buildings can fly, workers can repair stuff back to 100% HP, emp to kill protoss, irradiate to kill zerg.

I just had to get that out there. I play protoss so it hurts...

Fullish3274d ago

True, Terran is the most played race by Koreans.
But at a non-professional level they are pretty damn balanced.

evrfighter3274d ago

classes will never be perfectly balanced. Mobs on the other hand. If a certain mob is weak to physical damage and drops phat loot. Mages get left out in the cold and vice-versa. They have more of a chance of balancing out classes in the mobs that get created.

StartWars3274d ago

I think the reason WoW is going so well is because it isn't balanced, if it was balanced it would be boring.

Panthers3274d ago

Blizzard is know for having a lot of diversity and still being very balanced. WoW may be too big to balance, but its pretty close I think. But I still say pallys are OP.

DangerCurtis3274d ago

If it's tailored to a rock, paper, scissor idea, it makes it much more interesting.

BRG90003274d ago

Well, balancing the classes in combat against each other is only half of it. They are also constantly struggling to balance them in how they perform against bosses and other PVE content. The "rock, paper, scissors" system can't really be applied there at all.

thedoctor3274d ago

Don't know anything about WoW, and don't really care to find out.

BRG90003274d ago

Then why did you post? In fact, why did you even click on this story?

Ziriux3274d ago

Like Kevin Garnett has said "Anything is possible".

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The story is too old to be commented.