Game Revolution: Tekken 6 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Namco's venerable Tekken fighting series has always been a divider in the genre with people either loving its serious, yet over-the-top style, or preferring one of the many other 3D fighting alternatives like Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur. This time around, the game divides itself, by putting as much emphasis on the traditional one-on-one fighting gameplay as the Scenario Campaign, a massive loot-intensive overhaul of the beat-'em-up mode Tekken Force/Devil Within, which for the last three installments in the series served as little more than a side diversion. Unfortunately, the result is the same old Tekken with new modes that make their own fair share of triumphs and mistakes."

+ Same solid fighting system
+ Character customization
+ Collecting items in Scenario Campaign
- ...but practically forced to play through it
+/- Ridiculous but more cohesive story
- Azazel Lezaza
- Can be spam-intensive
- No co-op mode... yet
- Laggy online mode
+ ...that's being fixed now

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