Best PlayStation 3 Games: Top PS3 Game Picks

"Having trouble picking the perfect video game to go with your new PlayStation 3 or PS3 Slim? Here are 10 of the platform's best and most exciting games, each guaranteed to make a welcome addition to any enthusiast's collection."

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himdeel3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Mine looks something like this

Uncharted 2 - SP & MP amazing
GOW3 - Demo pwns!! Full game will blow minds and hearts
LBP - Still so much to play and see
inFamous - Megawatthammer pwns4life
GTA5 - Get your swerve on
Demon's Souls - Got enough souls yet
Killzone 2 - Yep
Heavy Rain - Looking hot
MLB09 - Out of the park
MGS4 - The Big Boss

In no order other than how I recalled them. No need to have any multiplatforms on the list. Not to say they aren't great games but too many that are only on PS3 to choose from :)

GrandTheftZamboni3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Yeah, what's with Infamous missing from the list. I got sucked in right away and didn't let go of it till I was done. I can't believe I almost missed it. I bought it for $40, but it's definitely worth full price.
And Warhawk of course...

zeeshan3273d ago

I second you himdeel. I believe there are enough exclusives on the plate that one should first go through them. Yes, the third party games are nice but there is so much exclusive stuff for PS3 now that you just can't have anywhere else.

Morituri3273d ago

The one thread that unraveled the entire article.

itchy183273d ago

and of course
demon's souls!