1UP: Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier Review

Despite the moments that Lost Frontier falters, most of the game is a solid sequel that lives up to the Jak legacy. The platforming is a nice homage to the existing Jak games, and the flight combat builds a new element that feels both refreshing and familiar. As a new direction for the series, this game marks a future for Jak with plenty of frontiers left to explore.

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Unicron3273d ago

I'd love to see this series return to consoles. Jak 2 was tough but epic, Jak 3 was great but lacking SOMETHING... I can't put my finger on it. We need more ND! Still I'll have to check this entry out.

midgetsanx3273d ago

Lost Frontier is also on the PS2 I think o.o

ReservoirDog3163273d ago

Just need to finish up the series and then I'll get this. But I just want to know if this would work on a hacked 5.00 m33 PSP. Anyone know?

I don't download games and I'm looking forward for this.

jack_burt0n3273d ago

Nice, another solid psp title.

Marceles3273d ago

Decent score, I'm still waiting for this to be downloadable

3273d ago