Developer: The Bosses Mandated Stranglehold's Unnecessary Multiplayer Mode

Kotaku writes: "Why do some games have multiplayer? Because the executives demand it, even if the developers don't want it. As explained in a recent account of goings on at Midway."

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Elven63274d ago

Stranglehold was a great game, even the multiplayer was great if you were able to get a full house. Nothing beats a kitchen brawl with 3-4 other people only to have the weakest guy dive out of a window at the last second, pick up the shotgun underneath it and just blast away at the guy running past him. Good times! :)

thedisagreefairy3274d ago

games like ratchet and clank get slammed in the reviews for not having it.

then there are all the ppl who live with the philosophy "multiplayer=buy, no multiplayer=rent"

its retarded but thats how it goes

El_Colombiano3274d ago

Ran like sh*t on PS3. Never bought it...:(

Elven63274d ago

The Hard Boiled Blu Ray on the PS3 was a great enough reason to justify a purchase from a few PS3 owners I know, infact, some bought the PS3 LE version of the 360 for just that!

dgroundwater3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Urgh this infuriates me. I'm no fan of "kinda cool" multiplyer add ons. A few nights of semi-laggy light online fun does not compare to an extra 3-4 hours of highly polished single player.

3273d ago