G4TV: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Review

Camera issues aside, Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier's strength lies in its humor and comfortably engaging gameplay. The visuals are sharp, detailed, and colorful and the voice work is great. The story, level design, and characters reflect the original games' clever playfulness, and this is definitely a worthy addition to the series. There's nothing astonishingly original here, but The Lost Frontier is simply a great platformer that lives up to the Jak legacy.

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beavis4play3270d ago

i'm getting mine today. (i can play on my b/c launch ps3)

O2_Addict3270d ago

aren't as good as the older games in the series.

Jak 3 has incredible graphics for it's time. Technically speaking it was head and shoulders above games like GTA San Andreas, which not only had far less detail, it had a significantly worse frame-rate.

iceman063270d ago

For the can't knock the graphics. There's not ANOTHER handheld that could reproduce that kind of graphical fidelity. It looks like the game delivers ALL of the old fun...PLUS it's portable!!! Sounds like a WIN for everybody.

lindquist3270d ago

I wont buy it though, but nice..

morkendo3270d ago

hope a vid coming soon??? would love a feeling of the game.

iceman063270d ago

Check gametrailers and IGN...think they BOTH did VIDEO reviews!

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