G4TV: Need for Speed: Nitro Review

Ultimately, Need for Speed: Nitro just feels like another throwaway racing game. Despite its deep customization options and visual flair, it just doesn't deliver in the actually racing department. Yeah you'll go really, really fast, but there are just too many things preventing this very simple concept from being enjoyable. If you're craving a Burnout-style racing game for the Wii, then a Nitro rental might scratch the itch. But beyond that, you'll probably just want to keep on driving.

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SpoonyRedMage3269d ago

Hmm, the reviews aren't that good so far but I'm still kind of interested. Sometimes I just want to race and enjoy the blistering speed and this seems to me like the type of game you'd actually find in an arcade.

This review is a lot better than GamePro's though, the reviewer has actually elaborated about what he doesn't like. So good job on that front.