Band Hero, The Biggest Music Event To Hit Living Rooms This Holiday Season, Is Available At Retail Outlets Nationwide

Hitting store shelves throughout North America today, Activision Publishing, Inc.'s Band Hero for Wii, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems and Nintendo DS Lite explodes onto the scene with the most exciting and accessible set lists everyone can enjoy at home or on the road, featuring chart-topping tracks from the most popular bands of yesterday and today.

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Saaking3274d ago

Guitar Hero, DJ hero, Band hero. how many damn hero games are they gonna make? And what's the difference between band hero and guitar Hero? GH already supports a band.

chrisulloa3274d ago

This is like GH with a pop makeover.

nycredude3274d ago

So this is where they blow all the profits from their cash cow COD!

Dawn_Of_Ashes3274d ago

Its just another crappy game made by activision to flood the market with their garbages, nothing to see here.

reintype3274d ago

I thought that was the Beatles Rockband?

Anyway, the only thing that one could ever be topped is for them to release a LED ZEPPELIN Rock Band! Come on EA, you can do it!

UltimateSin3274d ago

Led Zeppelin Rock Band would be awesome but Zeppelin are assholes when it comes to licensing their music.Don't get me wrong, great band, but a music license = Definite NO from them. I believe at one time they had a performance out on a DVD that was going to be released, but since they were in it, they didn't want it to be released.

TheDeadMetalhead3274d ago

And coming soon...Meatball Hero!

Natsu893274d ago

if you look at the headline and the beginning of the text you will notice this guy is a xbox fanboy