3-4 years on down the line: PS3 and Xbox 360

3-4 years on from the launch of the 7th generation consoles and the wheels are in motion. They were considered some of the most high profiled console launches in history and both had their ups and downs. Sony is finally on its feet after 4 years and Microsoft have started to decline throughout the gaming community.

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Jamie Foxx3368d ago

PSN is unrecognisable, home is blossoming, graphically ps3 has the best games, has niche titles like LBP and eyepet and psn titles like flower, affordable price point, selling extremely well now, advertising now present and the highest rated exclusives

i applaud sony for taking the criticism and listening to the consumer and making the ps3 the console it is today....

yoghurt3368d ago

However, facts slightly wrong, PS3 hasn't been out 4 years yet - has it?

Europe - March 2007
Japan - November 2006
America - November 2006

so, in Eurpoe it has only been out 2.5 years and the rest it has been out 3 years - which means it's doing even better really, it's come A LONG way in such a short time

NateNater3368d ago

Well he got that right.

Let the arguing begin in 3...2...1...