GameStop drops the price of Valkyria Chronicles

GameStop is selling Valkyria Chronicles for less than $20.

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Delta3269d ago

Everyone go buy this now!!!!! you won't regret it. :)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3269d ago

Yeah, buy it now! I been playing this game for the last 4 days nonstop because it is so awesome and addictive! In fact I'm playing it right now.

The way you level up, upgrade your weapons, tanks, armors, it's so fuking great!!! Best turn-based strategy battle system ever!

Jsynn73269d ago

Buy 2 of them just to make up for not buying this game on day 1!!

Saaking3269d ago

Very great game and for 20 bucks it's a steal.

mastiffchild3269d ago

Great price for a great game and recently , in the UK, I got three copies at £12 a [piece so it isn't just the US with some cool VC deals atm.


Mr Logic3269d ago

I would if it had trophies and I didn't hate all RPGs.

WildArmed3269d ago

rawr.. now i can finish the game. stupid friend took VC back b4 i could finish it.
gonna pick this up ... after Uncharted 2 =/

lordgodalming3269d ago

Logic fail...I mean, um, MR. Logic fail.

sikbeta3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

So you never in the life will play an amazing games, like MGS$ either "cuz haz no trophiez", the game is really good, this words comes from a non RPG super fan

QUALITY > quantity

VARIETY > stuck genre

GAMERS > shooter/motion control lovers

PS3 > the "competition"


Mr Logic3269d ago

so I'm not entitled to an opinion. I have nothing against the game I just don't like RPGs.

ReservoirDog3163269d ago

It doesn't even need to be said.

If you've ever played a rpg before, you'll probably love this.

ThanatosDMC3269d ago

I keep putting off this game on my to play list. I'm still at that mission with the gigantic tank and laser gunlance woman.

Noctis Aftermath3269d ago

Damn i really want this game, but playasia doesn't like to reduce ps3 games prices

JoySticksFTW3269d ago

Seriously, go buy the game

lordgodalming3268d ago

@ Logic: You're free to your opinion, which is just as valid as mine and everyone else's here. But if you hate this game AND all RPGs, it was a huge waste of time to post here. Hence, friend, my declaration of Fail.

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itchy183269d ago

I need to tell my bro about this.

theusedfake3269d ago

wow, amazing price for a
phenomenal game.

Obama3269d ago

Everyone should give this game a try. Fun gameplay and amazing story. My fav game of 2008.

lordgodalming3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I paid the full $60 and didn't regret it. And now I could buy THREE copies for the same price? :O

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The story is too old to be commented.