New Bad Company 2 Gameplay Leaked

After some leaked gameplay emerged last week of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, even more gameplay has today emerged online

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Fishy Fingers3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Stunning. Much cleaner than the original, which had a very "grainy" look to it. The flag animates brilliantly, hopefully that's dynamic.

Not really a "leak" though, just filmed at a game show.

Crazyglues3269d ago

It really looks amazing... what a job they have done from part 1 to bad company 2...

This game is going to be too much fun.. Can't wait.

Side Note -is it me or does this guy have the worst camera ever... Jesus, if your going to record, just keep the camera still.. LoL

DaTruth3268d ago

It's hard to believe those environments are destructible! Makes Red Faction: Guerrilla look like a 2d stick figure game!

ABizzel13268d ago

I wanted to see more destruction, but based off the first game it should be fine. Graphics not quit Killzone 2, but it looks great nonetheless. This is a great improvement over the original.

Timesplitter143268d ago

This game pisses all over MW2

hobokiller3268d ago

Now theres a dev that actually wants to move forward.

SprSynJn3268d ago

"This game pisses all over MW2"

Now let's hope the general audience sees it that way. Christ, why all the love for a mediocre series? Goes beyond my comprehension.

Microsoft Xbox 3603268d ago

This game needs more attention than MW2.

RussDeBuss3268d ago

this is why mw2 is only a rental for me. i just want mw2 single player, and gonna save my money and get this for multiplayer.
i still play bc1 for multiplayer and traded cod4 in ages ago, and cod5 was just another rental, getting bored of the series!

ABizzel13268d ago

It's funny how I get 2 disagrees on everything I write no matter how true it is, or even if it's a simple I like this. Two pathetic little boys just can't get enough of me. Guys I'm sorry you can't have me I'm already taken.

toaster3268d ago

This was what I posted on another topic about. IW/MW2 related.

For anyone who says:
"These guys practically wrote the book on modern FPS's."

Battlefield 1942 came out on Sept. 2002. The first Call of Duty came out Oct. 2003. That's a year and one month. Battlefield 1942 was one of the greatest games ever. Mass multiplayer matches (60+). If I remember correctly, Call of Duty didn't even HAVE online. So DICE pretty much takes the leading role of every mass multiplayer FPS in WWII setting.

And then they came out with a little game called Battlefield 2 in June 2005. IW released CoD4 in November 2007. So no, they didn't write the book on modern FPS's.

DanWelsh863268d ago

I'm not a fanboy of COD either, it's getting very boring. But the first COD was based on the Quake 3 engine and had an excellent multiplayer which is still alive today. So do some research before you post ridiculous comments designed to flame a game which isn't even released.

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Logiistics3269d ago

Very nice vid, loving the look and mostly the destruction!

dgroundwater3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

The visual style is clean and dazzling. The Frostbite engine is making a big name for itself now! If online play is smoother than BC1, and the guns feel like they make an impact (more so than 1943), then we have the best war FPS of this gen.

DMason3268d ago

How is this game getting so overlooked in terms of graphic quality? It seems extremely photorealistic. Very clean, very smooth animations. Looks very polished. This is definitely a day 1 purchase.

life doomer3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Am I the only one who is more exited for this game than modern warfare 2?

Fishy Fingers3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I'm looking forward to both, but then I'm an FPS whore. But right now, MW2 has me more excited, but that's purely as it's just a week away. Had they released alongside each other, I'd be on the fence.

Ju3268d ago

I liked BC1 more, and BC2 seems to have vastly improved. Looking forward to it.

PinkUni3268d ago

looks better

has vehicles

it looks extremely sharp

shadows are nicely rendered

nice and open environments

beautiful physics

its just awesome

El_Colombiano3268d ago

I agree I can't wait for this game! MW2 can fall into the deepest darkest trenches of hell with Krotic grasping at it with his hardest grip.

Obama3268d ago

no I am with you. This looks a lot better than MW2.

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yoghurt3269d ago

I have to say, if this and COD were coming out together it would be have to be this, the destruction for me is what would win me over oh and the vehicles, and larger maps and the frostbite engine is fantastic for sound. but I am pretty hyped for COD as it is just around the corner, but BFBC couldnt come soon enough!

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