Q&A: Chuck Klosterman answers critics

Since the games press began in the mid-1980s, it has had a complicated relationship with the mainstream media. For every respectable publication striving for integrity, there seem to be several more fly-by-night operations that ignore basic journalistic practices to pander to gamers' basest appetites to gain circulation.

As a result, many mainstream magazines and newspapers tend to dismiss game publications as covens of fanboyism and wellsprings of hackeyened prose. In the July issue of Esquire magazine, author and former Spin rock critic Chuck Klosterman wrote an article titled "The Lester Bangs of Video Games". In that article he claimed that "video games in 2006 are the culture equivalent of rock music in 1967," but Klosterman also effectively leveled a broadside against game journalism, asserting that "video-game criticism doesn't exist."

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The 1st edition of Gamescom latam was a huge success (+100K visitors)

"gamescom latam, the Latin American edition of the largest games event in the world, arrived and left impressive numbers: More than 100,000 visitors from more than 70 countries filled the pavilions from Wednesday to Sunday, with tickets Saturday and Sunday sold out. For 2025, gamescom latam returns with double the size, from April 30th to May 4th, at the new location Anhembi Convention Center." - Gamescom


Team 17 and Spellgarden Games just joined forces for a new upcoming IP

"Team17 Digital has today announced that they’re working with German based Spellgarden Games.

This partnership will see Team17 Digital publish a new IP by the indie studio, known for their ‘apeeling’ and extremely cute shop management game Sticky Business." - Team 17 and Spellgarden Games.


Global Game Jam just launched a new program that serves indie game studios

"Global Game Jam are today very happy to announce that they have just launched a new program that serves indie game studios. So, say hello to The Global Game Jam Indie Studio Supporters program." - Global Game Jam.