PSPgo Launch a 'Slow Roll by Design,' says GameStop

IndustryGamers writes: "Sony's PSPgo has seen a lukewarm reception by the masses it would seem. The higher price point and the fact that the cheaper PSP-3000 can play all the digital games and UMD discs has made it a tough sell for some consumers. While we're still waiting on official U.S. sales numbers, the new portable did sell over 28,000 in Japan in its first day. Sony Computer Entertainment America has said that the PSPgo has led to overall PSP sales growing 300%, but we suspect much of that growth comes from the older PSP-3000.

Although one U.K. retailer said that PSPgo would "fail miserably," leading video games retailer GameStop has taken a more level approach, keeping expectations somewhat in check. Tony Bartel, Executive VP of Merchandising and Marketing for GameStop, told IndustryGamers that Sony really never planned for a huge launch to begin with."

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