Sony speeds up its holographic storage system

Having already increased the storage capacity of its holographic storage system, Sony's now turned its attention to speeding up data transfer rates, and it certainly doesn't look to be wasting any time ratcheting things up.

According to Tech-On, Sony's managed to increase the transfer rate of its "coaxial type" holographic data storage system from a mere 3 Mbps to 92 Mbps and 107 Mbps for read and write times, respectively. That considerable leap was apparently achieved by using a new image-stabilization technique developed by Sony (artfully illustrated above), along with an improved CMOS sensor that allows the system to operate at a higher frame frequency.

Sony's far from done yet, however, promising to eventually increase transfer rates to a cool 1 Gbps by boosting the laser output and increasing the sensitivity of the recording medium.

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marison4749d ago

or future Ultraviolet-ray media?

ITR4749d ago

It's next HD next gen format.

This is why I didn't care so much for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD because with-in about 5 yrs something better will come out and once it hits the masses the prices will drop big time.

HVD has been talked about for last couple of yrs.

"InPhase Technologies has developed a holographic format they call Tapestry Media, capable of storing up to 1.6TB with a data transfer rate of 120 MB/s (960 Mbit)" Hitachi/Maxwell is said to be making the discs. The first disc will be of the 300GB variety.

Right now the technology costs too much for the consumer with the readers around $15k and the discs costing around $100 bucks a pop.

Whats even crazier is the PCD(protein coated disc) can theoretically store up to 50 terabytes per disc. NEC/Harvard Medical Team should have a prototype ready within the next 2 yrs.

shotty4748d ago

Why go out at buy a medium that can be lost or damaged when you can download it off the internet right?

DEIx15x84748d ago

This is why i haven't been going for the current formats. I actually knew about the Holographic Disk and Card formats before ever hearing about Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. The cards are really cool since there a small terabyte chip the size of a finger nail that's inside a plastic card with the dimensions of a credit card so you can slide it right in your wallet. If they would cover the entire card that would be massive storage in your wallet.

BIadestarX4748d ago

Kind of contradicting isn't? They are pushing blu-ray as the future... yet they are currently working on another format.... why? This is why I am so critical of Sony.

THWIP4748d ago

Don't worry, the PS3 is "futureproof" long as you don't plan on living past 2010. ;)

Babylonian4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

That after making Blu-ray Sony goes out and says "there, were done. Let's take a big break before we develop a new technology". You obviously don't understand what competition means.

Do you know how old DVD technology is? It was being developed early in the 1990s. But it was commercially promoted and and main stream accepted in 1999 and 2000s.

What do you think companies like Sony who develop new technology do, create something once a while? No, these companies are always developing new tech. These holographic discs probably won't even be available in 10 years from now, maybe in 15-20 years.

Think logic.

When I mean think logic, I don't mean think logic short term. Do you know how many people don't know how or like to use digital distribution in the world? Or even know wwhat it is, not that many as you think I tell you. There are even people that still use VHS tapes. Yeah thats your technology right there. It takes time before the big mass adapts to something new. It is also not healty to bring out new tech every 1-2 year ON THE MARKET to the mainstream consumer.

It's not good for the industry as they will have to manufacture new products on and on for that specific new technology. And most inportant it's confusing for the consumer, people don't like to buy electronics every 1-2 years.

You and me might know every latest technolig development, but a lot and I mean really alot of people don't know hat Blu-ray or HD-DVD is. Some of these people probably discoverd DVD 1 or 2 years ago. We are a very small percentage of the Big Mass. "Which audience will big companies focus on?" The answer speaks for itself.

Think logic my friend, think logic.

BIadestarX4748d ago

10-15 years? Babylonian, think logic... so, you actually think that at the rate that hard drives are growing, flash drives, memory sticks, digital distribution, etc... we are going to be using disks 20 years from now? 20 Years from now... what do you think the bandwith is going to be? dude... the internet became mainstream less than 20 years ago, and you expect it to stay still for the next 20 years? Sony will not wait 20 years to use this disks because this type of media may not even be use then. it only to 1-2 years for cameras to adopt memory sticks... how long you think is going to take for pretty much anything to do the same? If lets say 10 years from now... a hard drive is capable of holding 10 Terrabyte and our bandwidth is 50MB or more... why would you need disks?
A very smart person once said, "Think logic".

bootsielon4748d ago

Up to 1.6 Petabytes per disc. However, that's even more distant than this technology.

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