GameInformer: Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Review

GameInformer writes: "I've never believed that portable gamers should have to settle. Just because a handheld system is less powerful and features a less favorable control scheme than a console doesn't mean that the entertainment it provides should be watered down. If a company tailors its games for handhelds, there is no reason portable games should feel second rate."

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topgeareasy3271d ago

the controls are better in Star Battlefront 2 on PSP which is not on the DS just saying

Saaking3271d ago

I want BattleFront 3 on PS3... or at least multiplat.

HolyOrangeCows3271d ago

I can't believe they managed to take Renegade Squadron and make it worse!!

El_Colombiano3271d ago

This developer has screwed SWBF over twice...God they SUCK.

Oadif3271d ago

that was a terrible review, the guy is just pissed the series is still on the psp. I personally enjoyed the demo and think its the best game in the series. I dont get why its worst, in my opinion the graphics are better, the control are better(its actually easy to play as a bountyhunter and the sniper). Theres actually a purpose for capturing flags on the battlefield (take control of ion cannon) and the customization and story mode are awsome too. I will wait for gamespot review, they have done a good job with the previous reviews.

3270d ago
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