Uncharted 3 Wish List

Tech 2loved Uncharted 2 to death. In fact they loved it so much they gave it a perfect score. Why? Simply because it felt like one of the most exciting, intense and gorgeous gaming experiences of this generation. Not only did it offer a lengthy single player campaign but it also added in a robust multiplayer mode that increased the game's longevity significantly.

Still there were a few gripes they had with the game and here's what they hope Naughty Dog can fix in the sequel.

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YoungKiller253273d ago

everything was notable except the length thing i thought the single player was flawless lenth wise

I do believe more epic boss fights should take place i mean the Lt. Draza one was really retarded if i didnt know he was in the multiplayer i would of thought it was just a heavy.

personally i got lost in U2 sometimes i had no idea where to go but its always nice to have non-linear gameplay

i liked hand to hand combat, especially the stealth

everything else is nice it was a good read for me.

umair_s513273d ago

only one thing to add: local coop

himdeel3273d ago all I'd want to have added besides 5 player multiplayer co-op. Less linear single player game would also be awesome. Continue tweaking and refining the engine :)

grantps33273d ago

in uncharted 1 and 2 there was the presents of nazis.

i think eventualy they need to bring nazis as the actual bad guys.

obviously it wouldnt be hitler himself, but "neo-nazis" would be cool

chisox1003273d ago

add offline multiplayer and an equally kick ass story and I will be happy for Uncharted 3

WMW3273d ago

i wish people would let the single player co-op go already. how would they do it? elena and sully aren't as athletic as drake and having chole wouldn't work since she left. also story driven games shouldn't have co-op because it is not about drake anymore which is what naughty dog does not want to happen. and the last thing is look at gears of war no one is worried about Dom or marcus because they're the playable characters meaning they'll be ok till the end so there won't be any moments like near the end of UC2 with the grenade because the second player has to be around at all times so you don't care what happens as much and get cheap emotional moments like the scene with Dom's wife come on no one cares about her. but something they should add are driving levels, bigger levels(not open world), make the stealth deeper, better boss fights(kinda like the last fight in UC2) and more sully.

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