MyPS3: Borderlands Review

MyPS3 writes: "I'm going to finish on the note that I began on. Borderlands is a fantastic FPS RPG – when playing co-op. It's almost a different game when playing with 3 mates, as that same gameplay, which became bland and repetitive alone just works. The RPG elements are designed for more than one player, as is the combat. If you're looking for a solo experience then stay away, on the contrary if you're after a co-op RPG/FPS hybrid then Borderlands is right up there as one of the best of the year."

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MysticStrummer4285d ago

I rented this game while visiting family and had a great time playing splitscreen co-op. Now I'm having a great time playing solo. The AI and story are the same either way. Saying you won't notice this when playing co-op is ridiculous. I would say it's almost the other way around, since my little brother and I made fun of the simple AI and story while we played but when I'm solo I'm more immersed in the game. Great fun either way, but if you play co-op do it with people you know otherwise you're liable to miss out on good loot while you're distracting some angry bandit or creature.

Afterburn4285d ago

I actually really enjoyed the game. If the framerate wasn't so bad and the trophies would unlock, this would have been up there with my all time favorites. The weapon system was really original and fun, the maps are huge and the missions can take a really long time if you go exploring. I didn't much care for the driving, but I got really excited every time I saw a weapons chest so I could see what was inside.

TooTall194285d ago

really what trophies didn't unlock for you? Only ones I didn't get so far are fully loaded, lvl 50, and the raceway one so I hope it's not those.