Zelda and Mario ahoy: iPhone getting an N64 emulator

Developer ZodTTD (a celebrated modder who has already brought a port of Quake and several other emulation projects to iPhone) has announced on his blog that he's working on an N64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd Gen - the most powerful iDevices.

The emulator may run on less powerful devices, says ZodTTD, but the inferior innards will slow things down.

Details are slim at the moment. ZodTTD keeps his post short to "balance the hype," and much of what he does divulge is pitched at a technologically literate audience, but he seems confident that it's coming. In his own words, "Things look good for this project".

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talltony3268d ago

I just got the 3gs. It sux that it wont work for regular 3g models though. but nevertheless this should be great!

njr3268d ago

It's hard enough to control a game on the NES emulator, this will be even harder. Not that its impossible, it's just not feasible to play.

koehler833268d ago

Much like on PSP, this is never gonna work.

Grandreaper99993268d ago

yeah.. N64 emulators aren't that pretty on psp. But some do work. Played through SMB quite a few times, and some Quest 64.