Evil Avatar: DJ Hero Review

Evil Avatar writes: "I think we can all agree that while the music genre is fun in its own right, there has been very little in terms of innovation for a few years now. The last big shift was when Rock Band came onto the scene and threw drums and vocals at us. DJ Hero represents a fundamental shift in how you play music games, as well as what kind of music is available for the masses. Throwing out all those "normal" instruments and opting for a turntable with a crossfader, DJ Hero certainly breathes a whole new sense of life into the genre... but does it go far enough?"

The Good

* A fresh and entertaining new entry into the music genre.
* Wide variety of music stylings, thrown together with late night bravado.

The Bad

* Clearly a "first version" game... being pretty barebones in terms of features
* With so much music, why do I keep hearing the same bands?

The Ugly

* Twix, Sprite, and Bing advertisements at underground raves... I guess they're sponsored now?

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