Modern Warfare 2 - Final Perk List has gathered all the Perks + Pro versions, including their missing descriptions, from the hundreds of leaked Modern Warfare 2 videos on the internet.

There are many familiar perks from COD4, but some of the new additions, like the One Man Army, allow you to change your class on the fly!

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Mista T3271d ago

was expectin more for each slot, but this will have to do

dawgsfan1173270d ago

I agree. I was however really impressed with the weapons list. Six different shotguns including an AA 12. Another couple big snipers. Machine Pistols including a Glock. Some much better Aussault Rifles than the first modern warfare and the rocket launchers will make helicopters less of a pain in the ass.

StanLee3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I think there is only 1 bold action sniper rifle and it's the CheyTac Intervention. I'm glad I would have to deal with the laser tag sniper rifles like M40A3 although I thought they would have added the updated M40A5.

Megaton3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Too bad they removed Martyrdom as a perk. I loved it just because so many people hated it. Calling people noobs cause you can't figure out how to run from live grenades. Priceless.

Tinted Eyes3271d ago

Agree, I almost never died from them, but hearing people rage about them was always hilarious.

Troll_Police3270d ago

Dying from martyrdom was not the problem. The problem was it breaks up your flow and strategy because you always have to run backwards when you kill someone up close and you always have to wait a few seconds for the grenade to blow up before you can advance when you kill someone at medium range. And then there's always the old scenario when you are chasing someone around a corner only for your teammate to kill him and you turn the corner just in time for the martyrdom grenade to kill you. That's the only way martyrdom ever gets me.

jonnyp7773270d ago

Martyrdom is under the death streak perks, but they don't show those on this list.

Megaton3270d ago

^ That's why I said removed as a perk.

RedSky3269d ago

Martyrdom was much worse on PC where the player cap was 32 not 16. Imagine how many grenades you had on consoles, then double that. You'll dodge away from one and instantly step on another and blow up.

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Alcon Caper3271d ago can recover with last stand?

Immigrant3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

can u read?

Last Stand ends after ~10 seconds or if you get shot again, which results in your death. You can also crawl in the Last Stand mode.


Alcon Caper3270d ago

grammatically, "which results in your death" refers to "if you get shot again"

If you died in both circumstances, grammatically, it would read:

Last Stand ends after ~10 seconds or if you get shot again, BOTH OF which result in your death.

So it's YOU that can't read, because the OR negates the application to the circumstance in which "Last Stand ends after ~10 seconds."

Either poor grammar, or you survive by crawling away...

Either case, you're wrong. So shaddup.

KRUSSIDULL3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Thats it? What was the price hike for?

Edit: Anyway it looks cool with the pro ablilities

Edit: some perks from CoD4 are now weapon attachements.

DonCorneo3270d ago

how can i get my 80 kills a round?

just make sure RPD is still there so i can pwn people even with my eyes closed. auto-aim FTW

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