The Portable Podcast Episode 5 | The Portable Gamer

The Portable Gamer's weekly handheld-focused podcast returns with another new episode, with Rob LeFebvre and Carter Dotson covering the latest and greatest in handheld gaming, including mini-reviews of Half Minute Hero for PSP, and discounted PSP games on the PSN Store.

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bgrundman3273d ago

Damn they are churning these episodes out fast!

wondroushippo3273d ago

And I like that they're keeping them relatively short. I'm sick of 2 hour long podcasts. SNOOZE.

roblef3273d ago

Like, weekly and stuff!

bgrundman3273d ago

Fight for NY is a great discounted PSP Game!

roblef3273d ago

is it $5? I might buy it for $5.

roblef3273d ago

I like that it's broken into parts I can easily digest.

starven3273d ago

Dear Podcast,

Please don't be so awesome. I have work to get done....ooooo, new podcast!

Dedicated Worker