Does Forza 3 Split The Xbox "Have" & "Have Nots"?

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen rants about the possibility of Forza 3 splitting the Xbox 360 consumer base. On one hand, gaming installations and locked/unlocked disc content are common in this current generation of gaming. However, owners who have a full 20gb hard drive may be faced with a tough decision. Load the 2-disc content and delete your own data or demand that designers adhere to users of all hard drive types.

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Godmars2903363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

How isn't the 360 fanbase already divided between the have HDDs and the have not HDDs? The online and offline? The Silver and Gold?

Can't really help but notice that once the hype died for the $300 Elite, MS went right back to advertising the Arcade SKU.

KionicWarlord2223363d ago

Microsoft are advertising the elite more .

Its on there website on the front page .

Godmars2903363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Try TV/cable broadcast. Mainstream media. People who aren't going to know any better until they've already bought one for their kids as a surprise, only to likely discover from the complaining brat that they have to go back to the store.

kapedkrusader3363d ago

...GT5 will not come in 3 Blu-ray discs. That pic was immediately clarified by PD.

KionicWarlord2223363d ago

What ever is value to the consumer and at the right price determines a fair sale .

But as for Microsoft advertising , so far ive see :

Halo about 25 times. Forza 3 7 times .

Haven't seen any elite or arcade commercials though .

But im sure there are a lot of elite commercials .

soxfan20053363d ago

You are quite delusional. How many "brats" (as you say) are going to be playing a hardcore racing sim like Forza 3?

Cold 20003363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

"Can't really help but notice that once the hype died for the $300 Elite, MS went right back to advertising the Arcade SKU."

What the heck are you talking about ?

From the author: "But for those who own the 20gb unit, The Forza 3 2nd disc may force you to make a tough decision."
1.9 gb represnts maximum 2 demos...Im not sure its really heartbraking to erase 2 demos...

Godmars2903363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

There are no Elite or Arcade commercials. Just "Xbox 360, now $199" at the end of any game ad they have a hand in. Its always been like that except when the price drop came.

As for your value argument that's the point: the "value" of the 360 isn't fully presented in the 1-2 seconds its mentioned at the end of a Forza 3, Halo ODST or Gay Tony spot. Sure as heck never see, "online connection" or "Hard-drive" may be required captioned anywhere.

"How many "brats" (as you say) are going to be playing a hardcore racing sim like Forza 3?"

Not enough to make it a million one-day seller apparently.

Cold 20003363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

It has always been that way since the beggining of marketing to display the entry price for an item, its been like that since forever for electronics, automobiles, plane tickets, subscriptions etc etc.

Its called marketing.

Saaking3363d ago

If you don't have an HDD you just lost 1/4 of the game (100 cars out 400 are on the second disk). Turn 10 just screwed all the 360 arcade owners.

Shadow Flare3362d ago

This article is just one of the many things that point to the same conclusion: The Xbox 360 is such a badly designed console

Faulty hardware is one thing but purposely removing the harddrive from a SKU is moronic and leads to this sort of bs. And it also affects multiplatform games which in turn messes up ps3 multi-plats. So thanks microsoft for holding back this generation with your idiotic design and decision making. Thank goodness sony has long term thinking when designing consoles

TheMailman3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"are going to be playing a hardcore racing sim like Forza 3?"

Lol... I´m sorry but "hardcore racing sim" and "Forza 3" in the same sentence is too funny...

O2_Addict3362d ago

Just like they abandoned owners of the original Xbox by cancelling it (Sony is still releasing games for the PS2!), Microsoft is abandoning anyone who wasn't rich enough to have a hard-drive with their 360.

Guess they better start saving up!

Godmars2903362d ago

Its also called misrepresentation.

O2_Addict3362d ago

if you have a disclaimed saying "additional purchase required."

Does the Forza 3 marketing material have that? If not they may be breaking federal law aimed at stopping age old "marketing" practices such as "bait and switch."

Godmars2903362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

There's been no apparent official move to look into the RRoD though claims went as high as 60%. Why would there be any because one or two titles out of hundreds require a HDD to be fully utilized?

The only real question at this point make similar mistakes, underestimate system requirements, with their next console. And will people be able to recognize them.

We already know some will defend them regardless of whatever they do...

edgeofblade3362d ago

This core problem is the cost of 360 hard drives. End of story.

Godmars2903362d ago

Which ironically enough is because of MS security concerns.

Wholly ineffective security.

enviable273362d ago

Turn 10 didnt screw anybody, customers that made the decision to buy the cheap arcade sku screwed themselves. Its not like they didnt have an option. It all comes down to how hard core of a gamer you really are.

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soxfan20053363d ago

This is being blown WAY out of proportion. The second disc install is less than 2gb - how hard is it to free up that much space?

I've had a 20gb drive for two years now, and I still made room to not only install the second disc, but also the first disc so the game runs completely off the hard drive.

Out of the hundreds of 360 games released since launch, Forza 3's second disc is the ONLY required install so far, and it's only 1.9gb.

Saaking3363d ago

What if you have an arcade with no HDD? You shouldn't have to buy one just to access the full game. If MS is offering an arcade without an HDD, they should make sure ALL games can be played without the need for an HDD.

And that second disk isn't "extra content" it's 1/4 of the game.

Venatus-Deus3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Maybe I’m old school; however I always thought that you buy a console to play games out the box. No issues just turn it on and insert cartridge or disk. Games should be made for the lowest common denominator for that console.

MS just took to step of moving future consoles generations closer to the PC gaming. Now we have to buy upgrades for our consoles mid generation to play the latest games.

I don’t really have a problem with the xbox/MS, however this is a step in the wrong direction.

Sorry, but it is an issue!

EDIT @ Evo below

The PS3 has online out of the box...

And just so we are on the same level, making console owners upgrade is a bad thing. Services should not rely on hardware upgrades. Your talking like it's you who makes a profit. This isn't a ps3 v xbox thing. It's an xbox v's gamer issue.

Evocation3362d ago

online is 1/3 of the Game and you don't get that out of the box, extra is as defined. It's not needed to play.
And by doing this it's a good way of making owner upgrade their consoles HDD, so then they can take advantage of the xbox other services, which by themselfs aren't reason enough to most gamer to shell out for.

dreamcast3362d ago

lol finally saaking uses his brain and makes a logical point.

O2_Addict3362d ago

that you like getting ripped off. Don't feel bad because there are a lot of people are like that.

In some places you can pay women to beat the crap out of you with whips, chains and heels. Seriously. No "traditional" happy ending either. The pain is the happy ending!

O2_Addict3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

when Arcade owners are forced to pay $100 for a crappy 60GB hard-drive just to play the game.

Their only realistic alternative is a used or refurbished hard-drive with a history of high failure rates.

Same goes for playing racing online. When the industry standard practice is free (PC, PS3, Wii) forcing people to pay $50/yr or more just to go online is another of those sneaky pricing tricks.

Does it state anywhere on the packaging or in advertisements that these purchases are required to utilize the advertised functions of the software in question (Forza 3)?

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Mista T3363d ago

Forza 3 is a mirror image of Forza 2, except a couple of new tracks and a rewind feature for the casuals

Saaking3363d ago

It's very disappointing that Turn 10 didn't improve the graphics at all.

DelbertGrady3362d ago

Stop talking to yourself.


as if it is not upgraded. you are blind lol forza 3 is beautiful!

Saaking3363d ago

MS ripping off their customers as usual.

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