Mario Party 8 a Casualty of Control

Mario and the gang are back, and they're at it again. Find out why this party's not worth going to.

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ITR4747d ago

Hmm..out of ideas maybe?

Mario Party 7 was also lackluster.

Might rent this one though.

smackoww4747d ago

that wasnt a review, that was a hate speech reviews are far more informative

ITR4747d ago

Yeah your right the gametrailer review is whole lot better this one.

I didn't think it would be as bad as MP7.

tonsoffun4747d ago

Coming from a site I have never heard of, I will reserve judgement until I see a review from a site I trust - I have no doubt that the game will be poor though.

PhinneousD4747d ago

I have to agree with Smack, sounded like he was more bashing it because of no online play, and this dude was contadicting himself over and over again.

Lumbo4747d ago

MP7 was bad already, so i fully believe that this is worse. I see nothing unreasonable in the review. Contrary to that i more often see reviews that are so blinded by the Wii hype that they kick out reason before starting to write. WarioWares SM e.g. was hyped by reviews and boy was i angry that i wasted my cash on that piece of garbage.

The best of the series was MP4 imho. Everything after that was just the same thing in a different package. And from the looks of it i agree, this was build for the GC and then rerouted to the wii to grab more cash before people are fed up with cheap GC ports and expect real Wii games to come out for the Wii.