Dead Space coming to PS3/360 Motion Control?

Spring of next year will see Sony release it's motion controller (SMC) and we may also see Microsoft's Natal released in 2010. With both companies bidding to come with a good line up of launch titles, gathering first and third party developer support, what does one of the largest game publishers plan for these two platforms?

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thedisagreefairy3270d ago

the motion controls work well for RE5.

if they do then this will be a sure hit.

they need to make it motion controlled and also regular controller controlled for everyone else

sinncross3269d ago

Well RE5:AE is playable through the normal control, so I am sure a rerelease of Dead Space would be to (or even a patch).

I think this is a lot of potential for failed Wii titles to see a new lease of life on the PS3. Who knows, developers may discover that their motion games sell better on the PS3 meaning they can hit wider demographics with their games.